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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Date with My Girl

Kayla is on Spring Break this week.

And this morning we went on a special adventure.
She set the agenda.
I set some mild perimeters.
Her first choice was to "go to Hawaii to open coconuts."

Oh how I love my biggest girl.
I love her heart.

I love that, in the bookstore, she noticed the Max and Ruby section.
And reminded me how much Ashlyn would love one.

I love that, in Build-a-Bear, she chose the weird looking, not-so-cute wolf
because a portion of the proceeds go to the World Wildlife Federation.
And named it Jazzebella.  Not to be confused with Jezebella.

I love that, at CPK, she insisted on sharing the bread with me, even though I said she could have all three pieces.
I gave her 1/2 of the piece back, because I am size 122.

I love her compassion and regard for others.

It challenges me.
In such a good way.

I love my girl.


  1. sweet girl. with a big, giant, kind, generous heart.

    #SheGotItFromHerMama. <3

  2. What a great day! I think I need to do that with Eric and Serra (separately of course) very soon.

  3. i love her. :) i love your whole family. golly. your posts always make me smile.

  4. she is precious! She is so thoughtful of others all the time, and pretty brilliant too :) love you both!

  5. I love all the love in this blog. You guys have such a great relationship. What a wonderful family

    P.S. If you guys need a place to stay in hawaii, I have a place on the big island, and I would love for you guys to come.

  6. Oh I love it! What a kind heart for other's she has. I want to go to hawaii and open coconuts too!

  7. um yeah-- who doesnt want to open coconuts?? :) and could i please be friends with april with the place in hawaii who is passing out times on the big island?? :) how lucky to genuinely like our children... love is one thing.. but to WANT to spend time with them, hear their hearts, just hang... it's too good to be true. :) she's adorable. :)

  8. what a sweet girl!

    i will remember to find a coconut and open it when i am in maui this summer (celebrating 15th wedding anniversary)!

    i am a size 122 too! (must be a size 120 before i go to hawaii to open coconuts).

  9. Jessica, Kayla has got your giving spirit ! She is a beautiful girl inside and out ! love reading your blogs. You should really consider writing a book . I am serious !

  10. I love her curls.
    And I love CPK.

  11. wow, what a sweetie-inside and out!
    you are blessed, mama;) xo

  12. she is so sweet....i love 1 on 1 dates with my girls!

  13. So fun, need more one on one time with my littles!