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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cochlear Implant Journey, Part 1-B & Deaf Speech

We had another hearing evaluation at UCSF this morning.

And can I just say that this may be the most beautiful place on the planet?  Even from a freeway.

I love the Bay Area.  There is a reason it costs $5,678/sq. ft. to live here.

Back to the evaluation.

Surprise!  She's still deaf.

The UCSF audiograms taken last week and this morning matched her 3 previous audiograms from her regular audiologist.

This provided the necessary confirmation that she is a candidate for implantation in her right ear.

The UCSF surgeon now needs to review her CT scan and MRI that were taken at the time of her initial diagnosis in 2009.

We also learned that there is a slight increase risk of contracting meningitis in cochlear implant patients.

So she'll need a meningitis booster prior to surgery.

We also have to decide which device to implant.

We have two options - Medel or Cochlear.

Lots more research in our near future for a surgery that will likely take place in late June.

About six months after implantation,  the audiologist anticipates we'll see significant improvement in her speech.

With the implant, she'll gain access to the "soft sounds" that she is not getting with her hearing aids.





All the good stuff.

Speaking of speaking.

Here's a little video I took of Ashlyn on Sunday morning.

This will give you an idea of where's she at from intelligibility standpoint.

And if you're not me, Dave, Kayla or Kobi

you'll probably have no clue what she's saying.

She's telling my parents to come home from their vacation in Florida to take her to the beach tomorrow.


[vimeo 21993206 w=400 h=710]

Excuse the bed head and Thomas the Train in Japanese in the background.

And surprise!  She's still on her bike.


  1. Holey Moley. You guys are on quite an adventure. But I'm so excited that you're moving toward some great things. Did I also hear that you guys are buying a new place?! Also exciting!

  2. that is some good hair. johnson girls are GOOD for some awesome bedhead.

    that girl has come a LONG way from "IIII.....WANNNNT.....MOOOOOHHHAAA.....ICECWEAMMMM."

    totally followed her saying - i got the airplane and swimming at the beach. :) that girl rocks at her signs. :)

  3. mollow wimming. mallow. papa come ohm!
    so precious. shoot. i'll take your daughters to the beach while im home :) praying for you.

  4. awww i miss me some ashlyn deaf speech!

  5. I love Ashy language! Only hard to understand when shes in toddler tantrum mode

  6. so excited for the future and to hear her new voice! You guys made a tough decision but I'm sure it will benefit her so much in the years to come :) I will miss the signing though!

  7. Sounds like you guys are getting very close!
    How exciting!
    What a cutie she is.

    And I agree.
    One of the prettiest places anywhere.

  8. no offense or anything, but ashy totally looks like the joker. as in one of batman's enemies.

  9. Oh my goodness she is precious...LOVE the bed head! So thankful for modern medicine!

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