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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'll Miss Most

If all goes as planned in the Escrow world, our last night here will be on Friday.

Which means we leave this house.

This place where we raised a puppy.

And brought two babies home from the hospital.

We learned so much here.

The worn hardwood walking trail from the front door to the kitchen tells a story.

A reminder of all the family and friends that have come through.

So many memories.  11 years of our life.  Now behind us.

There are many things I will miss about this cute little yellow house.

The smell of the Meyer lemon trees as we walk through the front door.

The roses that are just starting to bloom in the yard.

But this organizational marvel?

My label loving heart can barely part with it.

Dave makes fun.  But in 11 years he's never had to ask for razors.

They've always been stocked.  And obsessively marked in a clear container.

It's still looks like this.  And probably will until Friday.  Because I can't bring myself to pack it.

When all is falling apart around me, I retreat to the hallway, open the doors and take a quick gander.

All is instantly right again.

I will miss you, closet.  I will miss you so.


  1. That closet is amazing. Can't tell you how many times I've needed tylenol, a bandaid, lotion, you name it - and I can just help myself. (totally not weird, right?). This pic should probably go on the MLS listing as well. ;)

    I'm gonna miss this house too! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess for so many memories over all these years.

    I think your spiritual gifts are for sure #OCDorganization and #crazyopendoorpolicy. You never turn anybody away. :) (and your daughter has learned that from you #newspapersalesman).

    Thanks again Jess! Looking forward to all of the new memories to be made!

  2. WHOA. That is some serious're gonna have to come organize my closets...they are a far cry from pretty...

  3. As a neat freak, you have no idea how much I love that closet!!

  4. Oh friend, I am coveting that closet! I love it! Can I have a razor? Good luck with move, where are the new digs? close to where you are now?

  5. I have been forever in love with this closet since meeting it and you + Dave 4 years ago in May :)
    Can you come makeover our closet, I'm good but not that good.

  6. that picture of Koby is one of the cutest I've ever seen! I will miss your little yellow house so much, but I'm sure you can have a new closet to obsessively organize! Good thing memories can be made anywhere, and I'm positive new ones will be made soon in your new place!

  7. bwaahaa! if i had a closet like that i would miss it too... but i most defintely do NOT!! oh man... i am a big emotional sucker for the leaving houses thing... you got me with the babies coming home and the puppy... :( i havev already started wwriting a 'love letter to my house' for theday when i havev to move... it's coming...that day is going to be an emotional mess and i won't even have an orginazed closet to go sit in. ;)

  8. I think I love you.
    That closet?
    {be still my heart}

    I know how you're feeling.
    It's hard to say goodbye to the home
    where your babies took their first steps.

    But there are new memories to be made...
    and new closets to label.
    hee hee

    Congrats on your new home!

  9. awww little Koby! <3 i enjoyed that closet too. it made chaotic situations less chaotic when babysitting. "all done diapers." uhhh where... am i ... to find new diapers... CLOSET. done and done. labeled and all. i hope your next closet is even better and quite possibly a walk in. pantry<closet. just saying.

  10. love the closet. you are my kind of woman;) praying for endurance and peace as you finish the big move! xo

  11. i would miss that closet, too. and totally understand about the open the closet to center yourself thing!

    won't organizing be FUN in the new place?! we build a new house every 2 1/2 years, so i have to find a great side to it. =)

  12. Please come organize and MAINTAIN my house.

  13. moving is bitter sweet.

    your closet. i think i just fell madly, head over heels, IN LOVE!!!

    i thought i was organized (i know my way around a label maker and tupperware containers), but you have outdone me! i bow to the queen of organization. teach me your ways. :-)