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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ashlyn's Cochlear Implant Journey - Part 1

Ashlyn had her initial assessment with the UC San Francisco Cochlear Implant Team on Monday.

Just some preliminary hearing testing.

Three hours worth, actually.

It went well.

Our girl rocks the sound booth.

She loves playing games.

And matching colors and stacking things.

She and the booth are good friends.

And UCSF has Mickey and Donald figurines that light up when she identifies a sound correctly.

Now to me, they are creepy.  Nightmare-inducing, later-in-life-therapy-requiring creepy.

But she LOVES them.

Her regular audiologist's office has a duck and a turtle.

Equally creepy.

She's been over the duck and the turtle for quite some time.

Let's just say she would have spent the night in the UCSF booth had I let her.

The testing confirmed her severe to profound loss on the right side.

Which is the side they will implant.

Because she still has a significant amount of usable hearing in her left ear,

the specialists recommend continuing with the hearing aid on her left side.

Surgery date will not be set until after all the preliminary screening/testing is complete.

We have another appointment next week.

Thanks for praying for and checking in with us.

We love and appreciate it more than you know.


  1. What a little trooper, that is a long appointment! Praying girl! XO

  2. dude. i'd love the soundbooth too. playing all afternoon? yes, please!

    can't wait to see how things go on this awesome adventure for lil Ashy!

    thanks for keeping us all posted! :)

  3. prego mess over here.. crying and so excited for Ashy! Kinda amazed about the one cochlear and one hearing aid, that is super cool :)

  4. so glad thing are going well!! my arianna had to start wearing glassess when she was 3 and has always LOVED all the testing and the shape/letter identifying and such.. it is so good to find doctors who love working with kids. :)

  5. Hey Jess! So glad things went well... God is good!!

  6. praise jesus!
    praying for your appointment next week.
    your girl is a doll!

  7. the iphone easy and quick to upload. but if you have a fancy camera you need to learn it, sister friend!
    i can't wait to see all the progress in hearing for your sweet peanut...