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Friday, April 29, 2011

My Week(s) in Phone Pics

I've got some catching up to do.  Bear with.

Hope started it's small/life/community/bible study group two weeks ago at Grandma Jean's.

In case you couldn't tell, verdict is still out on the name.  But all are invited.  We're studying Ephesians.

Girls met last week at Grandmum's and had delicious cake pops made with love by Ellen.

Guys met this Wednesday at our casa and sat on boxes.

Next week, we start all over again at Grandma Jean's.

Got it?  Good.  6:30.  Wednesday nights.  See you there.

I've got BIG plans for this weird, misplaced, drywalled and carpeted-over fireplace in Kayla's room.

Speaking of misplaced, ignore the brown boots in 7o degree weather.  Shoes were packed.

What happens when you are a church planter's kid who celebrates a birthday between a huge move and Holy Week?

You have your "day of" birthday party at a local yogurt shop with 7 adult friends and your grandma.

But all is OK because you get to pick your own outfit and dad gives you all the sprinkles you want.

KK catching up on her scrapbook mid-move.  The toys were not unpacked yet.  Except for Thomas.

This is what happens when you "borrow" new neighbor Angie's internet a little too late.

Thanks for nothing, Ang.

Blessed beyond measure by our sweet little church.  Their generous gift pretty much covered our closing costs.

So much more than we expected or deserve.  We love you and are so thankful.

My sister-in-law to be had her shower last weekend.  Isn't she the cutest?  I love her.

And she got this which I wanted to rip out of her cute little hands.  I could marry multi-functional kitchen items.

Also, I think new home owners should be able to re-register.  And have a new home shower.

The only halfway decent Easter picture I got.  With my phone.  Kayla's in last year's dress.

But I'm secretly happy it still fit.  Because it's my favorite dress of all time.

My friend Monica made these magnets and passed them out to everyone on Easter Sunday.

She has such a thoughtful heart.  And she's quite crafty.  And that's my favorite combo.

Dave is really excited about that swing.  I'm still really excited about that dress.

Ashy's "real" birthday party.  At Red Robin.  Thrown together last minute.

Post on that rager to come later.  Maybe.

This is the face that she makes when she's not pleased with an outcome.

It worked once.  Maybe.

Way to go, Whitman's for keeping Easter legit.  But I don't really know what to do with it now.

It's the only piece left because I can't throw away.

It's seems wrong to trash a chocolate cross.  And even worse to ingest it.

Chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cupcakes.  Make them.

And use Southern Living's Deluxe Cream Cheese frosting recipe.  And add real vanilla bean.

You won't be sorry.

This is my good friend, Betsy.

Hard at work in our living room last night while watching Michael Scott's last episode of The Office.

Which made me sob something awful.

I've known and loved Betsy since she used to hoard candy on junior high ski trips.

Go check out her Etsy shop.  And support an excellent cause.


  1. fabulous recap. and i think you captured the essence of ashy's birthday perfectly. 7 adults, her grandma, and a LOT of sprinkles. what more could a 4 year old want? :)

  2. Yeah, love seeing what you've been up to! My kids never tire of looking at their scrapbooks. And cookie dough stuffed cupcakes, seriously?! I need one!

  3. You can indeed register for 'housewarming gifts'-- you just have to have a housewarming party. ...But you can't register for big-ticket items.

    Come to me for all etiquette questions.

    I'm like Miss Manners after all the lessons I got put through growing up...

  4. a housewarming party would be fun, do it!

  5. yep-housewarming party/open house! do it!
    love the photo in the driveway-great swing and fabulous dress!
    still dying about the holy easter candy. for real. but hey, it is all about the cross, right?


  6. I cried too last night while watching the Office... it was sad...
    And I think you should re-register for a house party... how else will people know what you want?? :)

  7. I just read through Ephesians on Wednesday.
    Whew...good stuff in there, no?? :)

    I think I'm going to have my next birthday at Red Robin.
    And, fine, I'm making those cupcakes.
    But only because you bossed me.