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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Pintertest Kitchen: Candy Corn Fudge and a Giveaway!

Fake birthdays are stressful.

So this month's Pintertest is quick and easy.

Then we're on to the real reason you're here.

A ridiculously fabulous fake birthday giveaway.

Recipe adapted from here.

1 bag white chocolate chips

1 can condensed milk

orange food coloring

Original recipe called for Limited Edition Candy Corn Oreos.

They were very limited.

As in nowhere on the Peninsula.

So I subbed with the more toxic looking Halloween Oreos.

I also added Limited Edition Candy Corn M&M's.

Here's what you do.

Line bottom of 8x8 pan with parchment paper.

Chop about 12 Oreos in quarters and line bottom of pan with half of them.

I sprinkled some of the M&M's on top of the Oreo pieces.

Set aside while you prep the fudge.

Combine white chocolate chips and condensed milk in microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 2 minutes.

Add food coloring and stir until you reach desired orange color.  I used about 10 drops.

Stir and heat for 30 seconds more.

Repeat until fudge mixture is fully melted.

Pour fudge into your 8x8 pan.

Sprinkle with remaining Oreos pieces and more M&M's.

Let chill in fridge for about 4 hours.

Cut and serve.

Easy.  Festive.  Fun.

But sweet.

SUPER sweet.

You've been warned.

On to the fun stuff.

So many goodies.

So many generous blogging friends with fabulous shops.

All willing to share.

I love them.

Here's a detailed run down of what's up for grabs.

Lindsay from Pen and Paint is offering one of her kitchen prints.

You pick the color/theme.

Green, red, blue or yellow (pictured below, top row, second from right).

You need one.

Heather of CM Handmade is offering a custom "EAT" burlap banner.

How perfect is that?

I kind of wish I could win.

Julie is offering any one printable from her shop.

They are wallpapered all over our house.

I adore them.

Hannah is parting with a pair of her Happy Days earrings.

Your choice.

I have 4 pairs and I want 44 more.

And Katy is offering any one print from her shop.

Such encouraging words.  I love her work.

She also makes a mean button.

And last but not least, a $25 Starbucks gift card from me.

Because I'm not the craftiest.

Maybe I'll dust off my washi tape and make you a gift card sleeve.

We'll see.

One lucky Pintertester wins ALL.

How, you ask?

Easy as pie.

Link up below!

Your link is considered your entry.

Linkers, for additional entries share this post via Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

Leave a separate comment indicating each way you've shared.


Giveaway closes Friday, October 12.

Winner will be chosen randomly and announced Monday, October 15.

Grab a cute new button and have fun!

Keeping Up With The Johnsons


  1. I am both scared of and intrigued by this fudge at the same time.
    So therefore I will probably make it.

  2. i do not want to win this but i tweeted itttt.
    see you saturday.

  3. YAY! i love a giveaway! and mouth watering, glucose raising recipes!

    it's been tweeted!

  4. and insta'ed that ish too!


  5. yummm! I want to make this delicious oreo goodness, and I don't even like oreos that much. Oh and tweet tweet, I want to win!

  6. I love the idea of this! You can bet I will be linking up with you from now on!

  7. Very cool Linky party! I love seeing what other make from a pin!

  8. First time participating. I think I've been missing out. I may have felt peer-pressured after you stalking me today... Who knows where you'd pop up if I didn't post?! Tweeted this ish!!! I love winning.

  9. happy fake birthday.

    yum. by "set aside (m&m's) while you prepare the fudge" you meant in my mouth right. that is what i would do, and therefor ruin the entire batch.

  10. I'm glad that it's your 1st fake birthday. I didn't even know about you until Julie (at Joy's Hope) said something!
    Hope to keep linking up with you as I do try out a lot of ideas. It's great to see others, too.

  11. oops-this is my first time trying to do this and I linked twice :/
    But i did share on facebook!

  12. Tweeted about the link-up and giveaway!!! here is the link to my tweet :)

    XO! :)

  13. shared on my FB page! :)
    here is the link! :)

  14. also instagr am'ed about the giveaway and linky party - check out the photo here! :)

    thanks for hosting the giveaway! :) & this fun linky party! :)


  15. Linked up! but my pic isnt showing on the link :( so sad