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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mug Swap Recap, Five Years Late.

Happy Thursday.

Our house has been hit with the death plague.

I was it's first victim.

Then Ashlyn.

Now Kayla.

Dave remains unscathed.

So I'm a tad late on my Mug Swap recap.

And on everything else in life.

Except for Lysol wiping all household surfaces.

I am very up to date on that.

My friend, Kim hosts an annual mug swap to celebrate her blog's birthday.

It's all the rage.

Secret Santa style.

In August.

So not really Santa-y at all.

But you get my point.

Secret presents are fun.

I sent a package to Julie.

Which she heart bokehed and posted on Instagram.

Sweet Becky, also a church planters wife, sent a package to me.

The cutest ever Anthro mug.

And a delicious Chai recipe.

I can't wait to try it.

Thanks, Becky!

And thanks for hosting, Kim!

Oh and speaking of blog parties.

Mark Your Calendars.

Thursday, October 4th.

Amazing goodies from

and more

up for grabs to one lucky linker.

Browse those pins.

Get to planning.

And testing.

And say goodbye to that huge, clunky button I made last year.

New, fancy one coming soon.

Designed by a trained professional.

You won't want to miss this.


  1. i love everything pumalicious about this post.
    especially the heart bokeh.
    but not the lysol wipes.
    i think i'll be showing up with clorox wipes of my own next time i'm over.

  2. your mug. i love.
    pretty excited for the big pintertest anniversary biz.
    i have no idea what i'm creating this time around. i mean, it needs to be awesome to the max.

  3. man--- bunkering down in a foxhole for 6 months really has it's drawbacks. i missed fun stuff. but i'll pass on the death plague thank you very much. :)

  4. you sure scored a darling cup.

    sorry you've all be so sick. blah.

  5. love those sassy cards you sent to Julie! So fun.

    so excited to link up on Thursday!