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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pintertest Kitchen: Giveway Winner Announced!

Old school raffle style again.

I know I have other options.

Quicker, cuter, more tech-savvy options.

But I like yellow post-its in my Longaberger.

Before I reveal the big winner, I want to share with you the link that got the most hits.

It's also one of my favorites.

Kaylee over at Life Chasers and her glitter cup.

Such a good idea.  And executed perfectly.

I've been mesmerized by it since last week.

It's the fancy glitter, I'm sure.

Well done, Kaylee.

Well done.

I want to thank each and every one of you who linked up this month.

For pinning and testing.  And documenting and sharing.

This was fun.

I'm definitely going to bribe you more often.


On to the reason we're here.

The winner of so many fabulous, fun prizes is...

Congratulations Kristin!!

You are one lucky duck.

Contact me for details on how to claim your loot.

Same time, same place next month.

November 1st, to be exact.

It will sneak up on you.

Mark those calendars.

And thanks again to all who participated.


  1. i kept wanting to test somethin and link up but, time is not on my side these days. blah.
    november first. got it!

  2. darnnnn! hahah but YAY for the winner :) that was an awesome giveaway :)

    can't wait to link up for the next PinterTest :)

  3. Thanks for such a fun giveaway! Congrats, Kristin!

  4. what the what?! so cool! i'm glad you liked it!

  5. I need to glitter blast something.
    And then pintertest slutty brownies.
    Glittery slutty brownies.

    Pin that.