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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Giants Win the Pennant!!! And a Key to a Happy Marriage.

The Bay is electric today.

So much excitement in the air.

For the second time in three years, our San Francisco Giants are going to the World Series.

Game One is tomorrow.

I'm listening to Sports Talk radio.

In the car.  Alone.

I don't really know what's come over me.

We were at Game 7 last night.

Thanks to my generous parents and their season tickets.

Disgustingly stuffed from stress eating garlic fries.

And nachos.

And ball park dogs.

And pretzels.

Drenched from the torrential rain.

And happy as clams.

I told Dave stats that even he didn't know.

John Jay was 4 for 5 against Cain this year.

Matt Carpenter?  5 for 6, including a homer in Game 3.

Kruk and Kuip told me that.

Beneath the dripping brim of his TaylorMade hat,

he beamed as I became his temporary sidekick in useless statistical knowledge.

Wives, love Jesus and learn stats.

Make your husbands proud.

But seriously.

Love his hobbies.

Be happy when he's happy.

It's a game changer.

And let's do this, Giants.


  1. hooray!!
    and these are the best possible marriage keys. love y'all! xo

  2. amen girl. amen.
    pre-gaming my sports knowledge.
    giants outscored the cards 20 to 1 in the last 3 games.
    roll giants.

  3. I CANNOT WAIT! "orange and black til i die" has never been more true.

    and thanks for tip.
    find me a giants loving husband, please? i don't want to have to learn stats about anything else.

  4. Preach it, sista! Thankfully for me, Eric's not big into sports. But he does have a ton of other hobbies and we usually do them together.
    Love the pic of the two of you:)

  5. cutest post. and you are right. when i learned everything i could about football....our marriage drastically changed.

  6. Stats and deals. True love foreverrrrr.

  7. you two are cute.

    what if your husband likes back-packing and snow-camping? can i draw the line at sleeping with bears and pottying with bears???

  8. Great post as always! You are so right. Love what your husband loves and it will bring blessings to your marriage! I learned football and baseball by sitting next to Eddie on the couch reading books. I had to look up to watch the replays and the next thing I knew I was making calls!