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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

O Happy Day!

A certain little girl in our house loves race horses.

And movies about race horses.

We've watched Secretariat well over 100 times over the course of the summer.

An old hymn is the heart of the soundtrack.

And we have it memorized.

God, in His providence, put it there.

Because it has zero to do with horses and everything to do with Jesus.

Kayla was baptized by her dad last Sunday.

And while she expressed a clear desire to take this next step,

I was anxious about her having a proper understanding of what she was doing.

But I am so thankful.

God gave us the grace to share, explain and teach our little girl through a movie.

A story about a horse.

With a song about Jesus and redemption and baptism as the backdrop.

Being baptized doesn't mean we've won the race.

It lets everyone know we're running.


  1. happiest day ever.
    it was amazing being there.
    but even more amazing going home and looking back through the pictures and reflecting how far the Lord has brought sweet KK.
    i love her so much my heart might burst.
    I'm glad we're gonna be partying together for eternity!
    and that we're all running together.

  2. i am grateful for the way God weaves things together...even a movie and redemption and baptism.

    i pray your girl keeps running the race marked out for her with her eyes fixed on the LORD her God all the days of her life.

  3. happy happy tears over here.
    what a beautiful thing.
    and i love kim's comment about partying together for eternity.
    i look forward to it!!

  4. such a beautiful day. so thankful for you and your family. you and DJ are like slightly older siblings to me, so to get baptized alongside KK was such an honor. she is a beautiful girl, and i cannot wait to watch her grow older. "mama....mama...guess what..."

    i will remember that day for the rest of my years.

  5. Crying.
    For reals.
    What a beautiful, wonderful, day.
    What a beautiful, wonderful, daughter the two of you are raising to run after Jesus.
    May she continue to follow hard after Him.

  6. praise jesus!! tears of rejoicing with you, this is gospel gold. god bless horses and hymns!

  7. Love, love, love everything about this beautiful post. God is so good!! Celebrating with you this new, precious work Christ is doing in the heart of your girl. Hugs to you.

  8. I love this! All of it- Kayla's decision for Christ, the song, every bit. Congrats!

  9. a-freaking-men to that last line, jess!