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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ashlyn and Chloe


Kim sent me this video last week.

She was kind enough to babysit the girls while Dave and I were out for my birthday dinner.

And I saw it fit to post.

For a few reasons.

The first anniversary of Ashlyn's cochlear implant activation is later this month.

I want to remember the tremendous progress she's made.

And I want a marker of the progress to come.

I want to look back a year from now and feel the way I do when I watch her today.

As I see her answer questions and speak more clearly.

As she interacts with others without a need for my interpretive skills.

I love her silly jokes.

I love her personality.

I even love her sass when she talks back.

Last year, I remember feeling doubt and fear that we were too late.

And while her speech may never be exactly perfect.

I think we're going to be just fine.


  1. love to hear her voice!!! :) yahoo for progress!

  2. so awesome! praise God for her progression!

    but we need to work on her obscene love for cats. #notokay

  3. So, so, so sweet. Love it!! What a lovely little bug you have.

  4. I'm with Cindy- trying hard not to feel offended on Chloe's behalf that Ashlyn chose cats over dogs. Poor Chloe! ;-)

    A year already?! Wow! Still so thankful and praising the Lord with you all!

  5. Oh! That was sweet. First to see your girl. She is adorable. Almost a year. WOW!

    Poor Chloe. Dogs are so much better than cats.

  6. LOVE the video. best conversation.
    proud of your girl, proud of you, praising god.


  7. Hehe this video was adorable! You have such sweet girls :)

  8. I remember talking about this when I was in Cali last year.
    Praise God...he see's our fears and brings us and our children through.

  9. i love this so very, very, much. Ashlyn is amazing. Even if she loves cats.

  10. aww so sweet. she has come SO far. I love seeing her growth every time I come home.

  11. Oh, how I love the beautiful sound of deaf speech. Such a hard won skill that the hearing take for granted. Way to go, Ashlyn and way to go, mom and dad!