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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Odds and Ends

Good morning!

I'm guest posting here today.

And I get a little preachy like my husband.

With less facial hair.  And no pacing back and forth.

Have you read Leslie's blog?

If not, change that.


Her words are rich and encouraging.

Chicken Soup for the Blogger's Soul.

But 500 million times better.

Panera Broccoli Cheddar for the Blogger's Soul.

Also, I'm fighting a cold, didn't get a ton of sleep and am delirious.

Excuse that terrible reference.

But go.  Read.  Now.

We went to see Toy Story on Ice on Sunday.

And Ashlyn keeps asking for her Buzz Lightyear doll.

But she calls him "Bud Light."

"Where's my Bud Light?"

Our trip to the grocery store later could get awkward.

Also, please make these.

Look.  She even made us a cute little recipe card printable.

I'm bossy when I'm sick.

Use Oreo's 100th Birthday limited edition cookies.

Buy 15 extra boxes because they are limited.

They are also on sale at Safeway right now - 2 for $6.00

I don't know who's most likely to be running against Obama.

Or whether the stock market is up or down.

But I know the current price of these bad boys.

And you need to add sprinkles to the batter.

I made them for Leadership Meeting last night and Ellen brought the leftovers to her work today.

And now I'm regretting leaving them.

Because I want five for breakfast.

Starve a fever, feed a cold, right?

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. twas a great post!. those birthday oreo's made my head spin...way sweet.

  2. read it. commented. great.
    i'm addicted to "grace on a thursday." i *heart* leslie, and YOU!
    i am bossy when i am sick too... and when i'm not sick. if i make that i will get fat because i have zero self-control when it comes to oreos.
    sounds like you NEED soup. i'd bring you soup if you didn't live hours away and gas wasn't $4,000 a gallon. my soup wouldn't make you fat AND it would make you feel better.

  3. is it really starve a fever feed a cold or are you just messin w/me? i thought it was the opposite! either way, i'd prob break the rules for an awesome-looking cupcake like that :)

  4. feel better soon, sweetie!
    and how depressed am i? not one package of birthday cake oreos to be found in our frozen town.
    so horrible. the double stuff were a decent substitute, i guess.

  5. I'm a little mad at you for telling me about these oreos.
    I thought the mint ones were bad enough.
    Ok...I forgive you because you're sick.

    Um, and the Bud Light story might be the funniest thing ever.