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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do Something.

When Dave gets excited about something, he gets chatty.

Baseball season about to start?


The Niners potentially (and unsuccessfully) acquiring Manning?


Sovereignty of God, predestination, propitiation, etc.?


He's also one of those weirdos that likes being convicted.

Which means he's chatty about his convictions.

Which means I get convicted.

Which means I. LOVE. BEING. A. PASTORS. WIFE!!!!!!


I really do love being a pastor's wife.

He shared about the above verse last night at prayer meeting.

And I can't stop thinking about it.

It's so easy to be a hearer, right?

We are trained to be hearers.

Listen to your parents.

Listen to your teachers.

Listen to your pastors.




All good.

We need to learn.

But what are we DOING with that knowledge?

Are we taking risks?

Sharing Christ?

Filling a need when we see one?

Coming alongside those who are lonely?

Coming alongside those who are burdened and/or overwhelmed?

It's so easy to go to bible studies.

Stay held up in our little groups.

Noses stuck in our bible, dictionary and/or concordance.

Marinating on the Greek and Hebrew.

But never DOING anything with all that He teaches us.

Scripture is clear.

Our works do NOT save us.

Our works, through the power of the Holy Spirit, show the world WHO saved us.

So when your husband says, "Hey babe, Can I go to Sudan?"

You say, "OK."

To see convictions made real?

Nothing more awesome.

Even when your mom calls in a panic to tell you about a friend of a friend's daughter's sister
who got attacked "somewhere in Africa."

Thanks, Mom.

So Dave is convicted.

I am convicted.

And now hopefully YOU are convicted.

Have fun.

Kayla's home "sick."

And was miraculously cured a few minutes ago.

So we're off to go wash the dog.


  1. love this. i love AND hate conviction. so it goes.
    thanks for this, sweet jessica! y'all are great examples!

    (like i said. propitiation is a fave word. and i loved seeing it here. the end.)

    love you!

  2. so sad i missed last night's meeting. sounds like it was a doozy.
    on second thought, maybe i'm glad i missed it.
    but really, no, sad.

    and now i'm home with a "sick" dog. sounds like KK and I have similar vocabularies for our day's activities. :)

  3. Well Im weird right along with him in that Id much rather be convicted of something I'm doing wrong than be let go to fall deeper and deeper away. I know its only by God's grace that He keeps me. So bring on that conviction! :)
    And I can totally relate about the fears of travel. We're going to Central America in a few months(without the girls) and of course our families are nervous about our safety. It doesn't matter that we've explained to them that many of our friends have traveled the same trip before us; they're only concerned that something might happen to US while we're there. I can understand that. But if we live in fear of all that, God's work would never be accomplished. Praying for safety for your hubby on his trip.
    Hope the dog washing went well. I don't envy you:)

  4. Being challenged on all sides with this Word.
    In front of me and all up in my face...what's a girl to do?
    I tell my girls all the time, "Say okay and obey."
    I am applying that to this Word today.
    Thanks, Jess.

  5. favorite prayer night in a while. may we be a church of joyful doers!

  6. "Our works, through the power of the Holy Spirit, show the world WHO saved us." amen!

    God's word messes with me all. the. time.

    this week i sat at the table reading dueteronomy something to the family, and started balling as i read. messing with me. my family just sat there staring at me. i think they thought it was "horror moans." and as i cried and read i prayed it would mess with them, too.
    i love his word... him.
    want that so so bad for them.

    and am i getting this right, your husband is going to sudan?
    michael went to equador last year (i know, not like sudan). God was so good to give me peace about it being his will for michael.
    i have a friend, whose on a plane for china now for 3 weeks. oh! the God-wonders to be experienced!!!

    i'm off to serve now, in the kitchen. God-wonders waiting for me there, too!

  7. LOVED this post....Amen!
    I will be praying for Dave as he travels to Africa...praying for safety and that his works through the Holy Spirit touch the lives of those in Africa and show them about God's love for them.
    I will be praying for you....that you will have peace about his trip and that your girls are perfect angels while he is gone so that your role as a mom won't be so hard during his trip!