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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Odds and Ends 2

Good morning.

My brain is kind of empty still.

But I get anxious going a full week without a post.

Self imposed blog stress.

Which is ridiculous.

But it's real, people.

So I will bore you with miscellany.

Our church's website looks like this right now.

So scary, right?

Darn you, Google.

Have you no regard for Holy Week festivity information sharing?

Taking over the world and our little website.

Patrick and Jason Garvey to the rescue.

Although Jason texted last night saying: "no bueno."

Which is probably no bueno.

Jason and Niki ushered in Hope's newest member yesterday.

Abigail Anne.

Isn't she cute?

We love her already.

Welcome, sweet Abi.

Spring has sprung.

So has ghetto swing making in skivvies.

My hydrangeas are almost blooming.

I love spring.

Which means I find docs like these saved on our desktop.

Which kind of stresses me out.

But not really.

I'm lying.

No I'm not.

I don't know.

Kim and I are headed down to the OC for a quick jaunt.

Hunger Games premiere with my favorite RHOC.

Leave late tonight. Home Saturday morning.

Sometimes I feel like a real jet setter.

Until next week.



  1. bad news. home saturday afternoon.

    freaking website.
    i kinda think our church is being persecuted.
    first world persecution.

    but we have a cute new baby, so take that hackers.

  2. yes. your church is being persecuted, like Kim says. praying ;)
    also praying for the africa trip, awesome.
    love you, we have spring here, too!

  3. t-minus 7 hours.
    we can stake out the legit, for reals, RHOC at preschool drop off tomorrow morning.
    incog in my suburb.
    so much run right around the corner.
    i can't stand it.
    your dust ruffle awaits.

  4. or maybe so much **FUN**
    i don't think we'll be running.
    so much.
    except from trackerjackers and captiol mutts.

  5. you are the coolest p.w. ever. seriously.

    enjoy your weekend.

  6. excellent odds and ends. no bueno? wruh roh.

    eh, vaccinations are there for a reason. they'll be fine! typhoid and yellow fever are probs the most important

    wooohooo! hope you guys have fun in sunny socal!