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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank You, Maui.

Thank you, Maui.

For being warm and sunny and perfect and beautiful.

Thank you, Chevy.

For making an SUV big enough to cart around this crazy bunch.

Thank you, Lahaina Marriot.

You are also warm and sunny and perfect and beautiful.

Thank you, two hour time difference and salt water and sea air.

You made my babies sleep well.

Before they were even in their beds.

Thank you, snorkel gear.

You opened up a whole new world for Kayla.

Thank you, Dave.

For accidentally signing "shark" instead of "fish" to Ashlyn.

When explaining what she'd see underwater.

Geared up on the hotel balcony was the extent of her snorkeling expedition.

Thank you, Ultimate Whale Watch, for being just that.

A mama whale swam under our raft (yes, RAFT.) as two male whales were fighting over her.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that we did not become a segment of "When Vacations Attack."

I was worried for a minute. Or 4 hours.

Thank you, God, for rainbows and sunshine.

And early ocean swims.

And for Your power that stops so much water so suddenly and peacefully.

I still don't really get how that all works.

Thank you, shave ice, for still being one of my favorite island treats.

I'm glad my girls love it, too.

Well, one girl.

Ashlyn prefers a traditional vanilla cone.

Thank you, Nan for taking us shopping.

And buying the essentials.


Personalized wooden whales.

Personalized wooden turtles.

Personalized wooden dolphins.

You know.

Thank you, family, for swimming with the girls for hours.

And hours.

And hours.

And hours.

And hours.

While I did a whole lot of this.

Thank you, Marriot waterslide for bringing great joy to Ashlyn.

427 times.

Thank you, Target, for the most perfect Hawaiian dress ever.

Thank you, sun, for beautiful highlights.

Thank you, Lahaina Hyatt.

For having a geek on your staff.

The nighttime, rooftop celestial sky tour was delightful.

Thank you, random hotel pool, for making waiting in a long breakfast line 5,000 times easier.

Although they never ate.

Swimming > Eating.

I'm thinking my kids would soon starve if we had a pool in our backyard.

Thank you, weird bird man photographer, for almost giving my four year old a panic attack.

When you said the bird would "play dead?"

She thought it died.

Emotionally pricey photo opp.

Thank you, majestic whales, for making us happy.

And in awe of creation.

Thank you, Nan and Pops, for still wanting to hang out with us after all these years.

We realize that we wouldn't be able to do this otherwise and we are so very thankful.

Thank you, fun memories.

We honeymooned here 12 years ago.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a sister-in-law that loves you.

And for the honor of seeing her baptized.

Thank you, Hula Grill, for serving Kayla lychee fruit and steamed broccoli for dinner.

Three nights in a row.

And for putting Ashlyn to sleep.

She never quite adjusted to that time change.

No thank you for being out of the Hula Pie.

Thank you, sweet church, for holding things together so excellently while we were gone.

You make it easy to leave.

Thank you, Bay Area weather for making it easy to come home.

I'm still in these flip flops.

And hoping it stays that way.


  1. Oh its so hard not to be jealous of these pictures. But time spent with family, relaxing....the best! And that photo of your SIL being baptized? Brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet memory she'll have of that!

  2. Yay for flip flops and the fantastic summary of your perfect party in paradise! ;-) LOVED, or maybe hated, all your instas from the island. Glad you're back safe and sound. And tan. XO

  3. Maui is always fun but we are glad to have you back safe and sound :)

  4. thank you instagram for making me insanely jealous.
    oh maui.
    i miss you.

    thank you cuppa for airport shuttles.
    in OAKLAND.
    and wendy's frostys.

    although, the frostys and KK & Ashy's serenades kinda made it worth it. ;)

  5. i love that pic of you and kk. prof pic that ish.

  6. thank you, jessica, for your fabulous maui recap!

    maui is awesome. i'm glad i know that first hand. maui wants me to come back and eat shaved ice. i think my 3 should be baptized in and dave wanna come do that for them??!! :-)

  7. gorgeous! not that i didn't already, but you really make me want to go now! miss you xo