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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Campaign I Can Get Behind

Lots of Kony talk around these parts.

Lots of Invisible Children talk.

Sketchy or not sketchy?

Have not had time to properly research.

And I don't like to speak without knowledge.

Which is why I generally only talk about Jesus, my kids and cupcakes.


In the meantime.

Let me share with you a 100% non-sketchy campaign I can vouch for.

And a hideous picture to prove I'm vouch-worthy.

Pictured L-R: moi, Kim's sister Laura, Ang (Hi Ang!), Ash and Jaxie.

Final Supertones Concert at Biola University.

Fun fact: First Facebook photo EVER tagged in.

Had to scroll through 800+ to find it.

November 9, 2005.

Crazy that Facebook has been around so long.

Crazy that I wore that shirt in public, to a concert nonetheless.

Crazy that I didn't wax my brows in 2005.


The Supertones are back!

And the Johnson's are thrilled.

Their sound brings back such great memories.

Summertime festivals.

Youth ministry.

Long drives down Highway 5.

Camping in tents.

Simple times.

[kickstarter url= width=480]
They need our help.

And they are giving away some fun prizes.

Got $2k in your couch cushions?

You get a pool party.

Julie will make you cookies.

Still a little sick.  Still a little bossy.

Ska!  Ska!  Ska!

Still a little delirious.


  1. I know you and Julie are kindred. You had a t-shirt company, she had a band.
    And we all know, it's never the LAST EVENT EVERRRRRRRR.

    After the supertones come back, I think you're gonna need to start making t-shirts about it. ;)