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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Return of InstaFriday

It's been a while since I graced this space with a traditional InstaFriday post.

Random rambling about random pictures.

Not really having to think.

I like not th]]><![CDATA[inking more and more these days.

Lots of this game being played around here.

She thinks she instantly wins any time she picks up a Sorry card.

And I just agree because I don't remember what the Sorry card means.

"Ohhh sahhh-weee!" she says.

This book and I have issues.

The premise: Camilla turns rainbow stripey when she doesn't eat her veggies.

Sure, Ashlyn ate lima beans that night.

But is now afraid of stripes.

So when she sneaks into our bed at 3 am and I give her the cross-eye?

She whispers: "But the stripes!"

If you're coming over to visit, wear solids.

'Tis the season!

I do love how Girl Scout cookies pretty much sell themselves.

Except for Thank You Berry Much and Dulce de Leche.

Stick to the classics, people.

And yes, we sold at church.

I don't believe Jesus would turn tables over Thin Mints.

Dulce de Leche?  Maybe.

Happy 1st Birthday, Addison!

I think the older kids would have taken this sweet baby out for her frosting.

Good thing she didn't like it much.

I can't believe she's one.

Teri, make her stop.

Birthday Party #2 that day for Kayla's friend, Grace.

The Lorax in 3-D.

Gracie's dad went ahead of us and prepped goodie bags for all the girls.

Followed by a sleepover.

Gracie's mom is still recovering.


Why can I never remember picture day??!

Have you had these chips yet?

Have you had Emily's guacamole?

Find anyone's guacamole.

And add these chips.

I love how much Kayla loves babies.

Although look at those cheeks.

What's not to love??

Happy 8 months, Hayden!

Our playroom is off the house, on the other side of the garage.

I think it used to be a porch and the previous owners closed it in.

It's still not finished.  The decorating, I mean.

So it makes me feel OK that kids eat dinner on the floor, reading books.

Childhood is the best, isn't it?

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. i think it's safe to say emily's guacamole is the best guacamole in the world.
    holy, moly, guacamole.
    sinfully delicious.

    and those stupid chips.
    it just got sent to a whole nother level of unholy.

  2. By the time I got to those chips they were gone, I'll bring them as refreshments on Sunday :)

  3. nice to see you in the insta-parts. maybe i'll make a comeback... maybe.

    please sell thin mints at my church this sunday.

    i am in a committed relationship with the "hint of lime" chips and cannot cheat on them.

  4. Yes ma'am, childhood is the best.
    So is selling girl scout cookies in your bare feet.
    And I will try that guacamole, but only because you twisted my arm.
    {guacamole is my favorite food group.}