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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PinterTest Kitchen: Chocolate Cherry Kisses

Well hello there and welcome!

I am excited.

Annoying, over-the-top excited.

So happy you're here.


I've known for quite some time which recipe I was going to feature first.

For a variety of reasons.

I have all the ingredients on hand.

I love chocolate cherry anything, especially shortbread.

Ever since I pinned them, I haven't stopped thinking about them.

Are you ready??

Let's get this party started!


These are the ingredients you'll need.

1 cup unsalted butter (softened)

1 cup powdered sugar

1/8 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons maraschino cherry "juice"

1/4 teaspoon almond extract

2 and 1/4 cups all purpose flour

1/2 cup maraschino cherries, chopped

granulated sugar, for coating the cookies

36 Hershey's milk chocolate kisses, unwrapped


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Cream butter in mixer w/ paddle attachment on medium setting for about 1 minute.

Now's the time to chop cherries as your mixer is hard at work.

I cut about 3/4 of the jar in 1/8's.

Reduce mixer to low and add powdered sugar and salt.

Next add cherry juice and almond extract.

With mixer still on low, add flour.

Increase mixer speed to medium and add cherries.

Be sure to scrape sides of bowl with your pink pig spatula.

What?  You don't have a pink pig spatula?

Well, I'm sad for you.


Shape dough into 1 in. balls and roll/coat in granulated sugar.

Set them about 2 in. apart on a baking sheet.

I swear by this baking sheet.

Well, that and my pink pig spatula.

Using your thumb, gently press the center of each cookie.

Bake for 14 minutes.


While cookies are baking, unwrap your kisses.

Once removed from the oven, press a chocolate kiss in the center of each one.

Transfer cookies to wire racks and let cool completely.


Aren't they cute?  And they taste delicious!


A few comments/thoughts:

Next batch I make, I'm going to fold in an additional 1/2 cup chopped cherries after mixing.

My mixer kind of battered the first 1/2 cup so I didn't get that chunky cherry look or taste.

Also, I may add a little more almond extract.


But they were really good!  And super easy.


So.  Now it's your turn!

What'd you make?

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  1. super fun linky party.

    kinda my fav.

    i wish it was pintertest kitchen day EVERY DAY.

    but then somebody would have to pay my mortgage.

    and unless you are offering, that isn't gonna happen.

    unless you are looking for a live in nanny. which is an alternative option.

    i'll make you crap. to eat. and decorate.
    AND watch your kids.

    What's not to love?

  2. Oh my gosh. This is the best idea EVER. I found you through A Cuppa Kim. I headed right over. I have so many things pinned... now's my chance to actually make something! :0) I'll be linking up soon!

  3. I linked up my sad, lame, loser brownies.

    Next week I'm determined to pick a pinterest winner.

    Oh, and I had to be super creative with my blog name spelling up there.
    It adds to my submission's lameness.

  4. How often are we going to do this?
    LOVED it.

  5. Ok. This is fun! Funny, too, because ever Wednesday I share my "Pinterest Favorites", and I'm going to offer a link up, as well. I know a lot of bloggers who share their Pinterest finds, so feel free to join in!

  6. so so excited about this linky party!

    i am working on my post... hoping to get it up soon.

    my cherry loving boy would love these cookies. thanks for sharing.

    i also totally swear by the pampered chef stone... they make the best cookies.

  7. Next time I will read the directions more carefully. I saw bake or make and I thought I could make one of my foodie recipes. I don't do baking. Measuring stresses me out.
    Then I realized that by "make" you meant something crafty. FAIL. So next week I am ready! This was my problem in school too, i don't read directions. Gorgeous cookies!

  8. how cute are these?! and i'm sure soo yummy! and p.s. i love this linkup. i will definitely have to join sometime :)

  9. I love this idea! my friend, Jamie sent me here to check it out and I love it! I am hosting one similar but it is anything you make using Pinterest as inspiration. I am so glad i found your blog, I love it. And the design is beautiful!

  10. Love this! We (myself and my kids) are in the process of DOING all of the fun kid activities I have pinned during my son's Fall Break. Our goal is at least one a day. We're having a great time so far! Love this :)

  11. So do you have to take a professional shot and be all fancy to put your stuff on Pinterest? Cuz from what I have seen through the Piney grapevine is only pretty, perfect, polished stuff allowed? Is there some sort of screening system for stuff that goes on Pinterest?

  12. Cookies look yummy! I had a Pinerest day at my house. We got together and did a few of the DIY's together and brought food using the recipes we had pinned. SO MUCH FUN! We are planning another one for making Christmas gifts/decorations. If my soon to-be-born grandbaby is a girl...Pinterest girly stuff party!!!!

  13. I love those cookies! I have that recipe in a cookbook, thanks for reminding me about them! Stopped by from Larson lingo! I'll have to link something up soon!

  14. I know I'm kinda late linking up.....but I LOVE this idea!!!

    Those cookies look amazing!