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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That...

I love that our backyard looks like this right now.

The overcast skies.

The changing leaves.

Super green grass.

Fall is here.

I also love that I'm able to take this picture.

Dave got me a new lens for my birthday that replaces the old one Ashlyn broke.

Thanks favorite husband.


Also, Kim vlogged.  Go look.

She wants me to vlog, too.

That won't be happening.

I have self-diagnosed clinical vlogophobia.



this darling little family parked their RV in front of the house over the weekend.

They left on Sunday afternoon.

Our driveway is empty but our hearts are full.

Lauren, the mama and I became friends via our blogs last year.

And as a faithful reader, I knew we would be different.

She and her family are mostly organic herbivores.

While I could very well cease to exist without the tangy aftertaste high fructose corn syrup gives my ketchup.

And my youngest sometimes eats My Little Pony fruit snacks for breakfast.

They don't watch much, if any, TV.

My oldest sometimes watches My Little Pony for breakfast.

She travelled across country with a no media flip phone.

I can't travel to a neighboring town without my smart phone.

She home schools.

I don't.


While it would be easy to feel the need to change the way we live.

Pretend we were something we were not.

Feel insecure about our choices.

I never felt that way.

Because we have Jesus in common.

She is my sister in Him.

And that commonality outweighs any difference.

We miss them already.


Are you baking?  Are you crafting?

Remember this Thursday is the first PinterTest Kitchen linky party!

I hope you will participate.

I think it will be fun.

Here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on today.


It's food.


Oh and here's the button.

<img src=""

Link up!  This Thursday.

Can't wait to see what we've accomplished together!


  1. wow. you are kind of an HTML rock star. who taught you your ways? must have been someone awesome.

    EstherTech, LLC?

    i heart fall.
    i heart new lenses.
    i do not heart vlogophobia.

    also, that word looks really weird spelled out.
    that is all.

    post is scheduled, and buttoned up.

    when do you go live?!?!

  2. Your backyard looks amazing. Love it.

  3. Such a great post and even better point about 2 people with 2 completely separate lifestyles but being connected through Jesus can make such great friends. I really love that. This is why we are all so different, it would be boring if we were all the same.

  4. we miss you like crazy. for reals. and your GPS. you've ruined me. i love my little pony. i don't think there could ever be too much my little pony. we are humbled by your graciousness and generosity. are we different?? i couldn't tell... maybe 'cause i just like you so much. :)

  5. Can't wait for the Test Kitchen tomorrow.
    I made 2 things. One was a fail. One was just okay.
    But, I am still linking up!!!

  6. yeah for meeting a bloggy friend in real life!!!

    i can't wait for pintertest kitchen tomorrow.

  7. Your back yard is simply lovely. And I loved reading the story about your driveway camp-out friends. How wonderful that you share a love for Jesus, and that's what counts!

  8. i made the "oreo, no you di'nt cookies" again this week, but didn't photograph them to link up. boo.

    i will link up in the future. i pinky swear promise.

    i wish i had an r.v. to park in your driveway.