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Thursday, October 20, 2011

InstaFriday: Marathon Edition

There's been lots of Nike 1/2 Marathon talk going on around these parts.

This Couch to 5K drop-out had little chance in that event.

So consider what you're about to read an Insta-marathon of sorts.

With 5,000 pictures.

Starting from a month ago.

We hosted a shower for this cute little bride-to-be last month.


I say "we."

But really Kim and Betsy hosted.

I just opened my front door.

They did everything else.

And by everything else, I mean:

food prep and set-up;

decoration prep and set-up;

melting plastic in my oven;

and breaking my ice maker.

To be fair to Betsy,

Kim is responsible for the last two.

It was a special day.

For a very special girl.

Kayla went to a birthday party next door to the house where my grandmother grew up.

She doesn't live there anymore.

She was born there.

This is the house.

My grandmother later told me that Kayla's friend's house used to be her friend Mae Louise's house.

Mae Louise was her maid of honor when she married my grandpa in 1942.

100% guessing on this date.

Because it's 9:51 pm and I can't call her.

I am basing my assumption of an uber hideous pink satin culotte/dress that I wore to their 50th anniversary party.

It had to be early 90's.  I'm going with 1992.

And why is "cool" any part of the word culottes?

Anywaysssss.  Nostalgia.  At it's finest.

More nostalgia.

One of my childhood best friends, who loved me even when I wore satin culottes

just moved down the street from us!

This is Ashlyn (violating MD orders) and Mary's daughter Abbie.

Her baby twins were inside sleeping.

Her husband, Tom was on jeep patrol, seeing to it that my daughter didn't need corrective surgery while I was capturing memories.

Thanks, Tom.

Beyond thrilled at this new scenario.

Excited that our kids will grow up together.

More childhood/high school friends.

Vicci (center, holding the other Jessica's baby) moved to Texas.

But comes back every once in a while for work.

We try and get together when it's possible.

And we always have the best time.

And laugh ALOT.

I love laughing with them.

En route to Blog Sugar we stopped to visit Margaret.

Who happened to be celebrating a pretty significant birthday.

Kim, Laura and I ate our way down Hwy 5.

Which is pretty much the only redeeming quality of Hwy 5.

Well, that.  And the awesome skies.

Not redeeming?

Harris Ranch and it's putrid stench.

Kim brought Margaret some interesting gifts.

In ultra hideous wrapping.

And I came home to this:

Fantasy Football Draft #637 of the season.

3 weeks AFTER the season had started "to make it more interesting..."

Deliver me.

She loves Petco more than Disneyland.

And is trying to talk us into buying a hamster.

No successful.


RV traveling blog friends in our driveway.

I realized after they left that Kayla thought their daughter Ari's name was "Arvy" the whole time.

As in RV.

Still cracks me up.

I got my vegan on and tried Val's veggie tortellini bake.

It tastes better when Val makes it.

We even went on a double date!

Thanks Kim and Jamie for watching the kiddos!

My birthday was on October 1.

It was a glamorous day.

Cleaning up sappy leaves at Kayla's school.


Dinner at a local burger place.

And some star gazing with my two favorite nerds.

And my favorite present.

Finding this on Kayla's bed after she'd fallen fast asleep.

No words for how much I love it.

PinterTest Kitchen launched earlier this month.

The next linky party is coming up.

Thursday, November 3.

Get to baking.  And making.  And blogging.

What are you going to link up?


Sometimes Words with Friends can get ugly.  And rude.

I beat him most of the time, for the record.

Cara turned the big 3-0 this month.

We work together.  For the next 10 days at least.

She dispatches San Francisco.

Her sister Brianne worked with Dave on the ambulance for years.

We go wayyyyy back.

I love her.  I love her sister.  I love her whole family.

"Ey. Ey. Ey. Ey. Ey. Ey. Ey.  Mama... Mama... Mama... Mama... Mama... Mama... Mama...  A wane-boh!"

Some days I think I will be quite sad when her cute, repetitive deaf speech fades away.

Super talented and crafty Julie made this for my birthday.

Creepachino = my favorite green tea frapp.

Kayla = jealous of Julie's mad skills; one-upper.

More birthday fun.

Dinner at P.F. Chang's and dessert at Sprinkles.

Thanks, girls for a fun night!

And for a good excuse to eat cupcakes.

Hope turned one last Sunday.

Our little church is growing up fast.

It's been a fun, full and challenging year.

And I've loved every second.

Class is in session, folks.  Listen up.

Those are very expensive Longaberger desks.

Fleet Week.  Again.

My perspective.

Lunch with Teri.  And Eileen.  And Jerry.

Birthday dinner for Michelle (far right).

We all went to junior high together.

This is the only picture I could find that has us all in it.

It deserves a post of its' own, right?

Trojans for Life.

Benefit auction at the Club last weekend.

Western theme.

Dave's favorite.

He bid on a bunch of boot lamps for my dad in the silent auction.

Dad clearly came out the big winner.

And I'll leave you (finally!!) with a little rainy day mischief at Nan and Pops.

Happy Friday, friends!

Linking up with Jeannett.



  1. i love it all. especially your grandmas old house. and culots. i'm pretty sure they're back. clothes for the indecisive are the way to go. ps..i think we should date more often. too fun. :)

  2. I had a hamster. I think I was 10 when it "died"...I was at my friend's house. I came back in the morning to see my mom cleaning the cage. Which NEVER happened. She sat me down and said she was sorry but Teddy was convulsing and bleeding through his nose and died. Which was true, but I always knew there was something no one was telling me. Then last year I finally got it out of my brother. Teddy was convulsing but wouldn't die, and my mom didn't want him to continue to die or be in pain so she put him in a pillow case and took him outside and smacked him really hard against the side of our brick house to put him out of his misery. I told my mom this year that I knew what really happened and she gasped and said she had to do it. lol

  3. Wow!!! What a great post of pictures!!!! Love all of them!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  4. Wow girl! You are busy, busy. Love all your Instagram shots. Your little girl is just the cutest.

  5. mrs. c25k drop-out,
    i was able to enjoy this insta-marathon from my couch. thank you.
    your friend,
    another c25k drop-out.

  6. Mary live down the street? How cool!

  7. Love, love, love her emphatic "mama" sign! We are hesitant to correct Julian's speech sometimes because it's just so dang cute. Goggles will always be "gobbles", millipedes will be "penelopes" (they look the same on the mouth for those of you who are confused) and Darth Vadar is laughable as "Varth Dadar". The best..."squirrel pin" (for scorpion). He has moved on to pretty good speech (for a deaf kid) but our lives will be forever embellished with beautiful deaf speech.

  8. i'm kinda winded from reading this.
    really i am.
    at the end i realized i held my breath through the whole post.

    and sorry about the ice maker.
    but to be fair to myself, you fixed that.
    it's just the dispenser that is having residual effects.

    maybe we can have eddie take a look?

  9. plus, your kids were using that dispenser WAY too much.
    you can just thank me for curbing their bad hydration habits. ;)

  10. You had a busy month. And looks like a fun month! Wow. Lots of great photos and great memories (I am sure).

  11. Fun times!
    In your picture of "dinner for Michelle"(junior high friends)....did Michelle grow up on Portola Drive? I think I've met her and her family at our Annual Portola Drive Block Party.

  12. phew you have had a busy month!!

    my kids love going to petco. they love looking at animals. they know better than to ask for a rodent.

    we have a love for longaberger in our house too. i love the school set up. she's a girl after my own heart. when i was a young girl i created school for my stuffed animals and dolls daily. we won't talk about the time i used my parents white wall as my chalkboard on the morning of my brothers HS graduation. yikes!

  13. Your posts are the best! Oh and can I tell you how excited I would be if you ran the half next year! YES!!!! :) Miss you too! We should plan a get, me, Kim, Laura....anyone else who wants to come!

  14. busy, busy! loved this marathon!
    and i suspect that were i ever to begin the c25k, i may be a out as well.
    just a pessimistic hunch.

    hope all is well.

  15. I just stumbled across your fabulous blog from pintrest, I just wanted to say, the hamster picture was not from Petco, thats Petsmart.