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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crock-tober: BBQ Chicken

I have a secret.

Yesterday, I did not own a Crockpot.

Tonight, I want to run off to Bora Bora with it.

Head over heels in L-O-V-E.

Why did I wait so long?

No clue.


I'd been pinning lots of yummy slow cooker recipes.

With no slow cooker.

Pointless pins.

Until today.

Hamilton-Beach black and silver beauty.

Welcome to your new home.

Sorry to make you work so soon.


I have another secret.

I listen to Jay-Z.

While slow cooking.

"You should know that I bleed blue.  But I ain't a Crip, yo..."


Ready for the recipe?

We just had it for dinner.

It's a good one.

And ridiculously easy.

As I imagine every slow cooker recipe is.

I think I might slow cook every day for the rest of my life.

In Bora Bora.


Original recipe here.

4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 bottle BBQ sauce (I used Kraft).

1/4 cup white vinegar

1 tsp. red pepper flakes

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 tsp. garlic powder

Dump ingredients (sans chicken) in slow cooker.


Add chicken and coat in sauce.

Cook on low 4-6 hours.


And delicious.


  1. you are "slow" to hop on the train of good cooking and good jams.
    you give "slow" cooker and "slow" jams a new meaning.

    i think you should skip bora bora, take a bus trip and bring your slow cooker to


  2. I am so, so, so proud of you for FINALLY buying a crock pot.
    It will LITERALLY change your life! Your BBQ chicken looks SO yummy!
    Making it soon. Yeah!

  3. Wait a minute . . . I thought you were the one who told me about frozen chicken breasts, salsa, crock pot = dinner at the end of the day. You, without a crock pot?

  4. My crock pot is old and ghetto.
    I'm jealous of your new, shiny one.
    I may have to ask Santa for a new one.
    And that chicken looks goooooooood.

  5. should i get mine out of the garage? i don't know. i'm confused by the whole thing, to be honest. i don't understand the whole lack of exactness...i mean 4-6 hours? a range of time for cooking chicken doesn't compute in my brain. i know. i need help.

  6. Yummy- That looks SERIOUSLY delicious! I know what I'll be making in my crockpot next. Enjoy your new crockpot. It really does make life easier :)

  7. i love your shiny new crock pot!

    you will love it and use it all the time. it makes life so easy!

    your recipe looks super yummy! i will be trying it out soon!

  8. Last thanksgiving my cousin cooked the turkey in a double-sized slow-cooker. It was amazing. I, however, have not yet jumped on the crock-wagon.

  9. HEART Crock pot! Made yummy chicken and dumplings last night… Be sure to check out XoXo friend <3

  10. can't believe you just now own one. crockpots are amazing and heaven-sent. your chicken looks yum! loveya!

  11. I make this dish! It is so good and is really bbq-y and def a man favorite :)

  12. I am dying at the thought of you and Jay-Z and gettin' your slow cooker on.
    Hmmm. Maybe I should rewrite that last sentence.
    Maybe not. ;)

  13. You should slow dance to jay z while you slow cook.

  14. Had 2 going all night with pinto beans for my All That Is Texas baby shower. My house smelled wonderful!

  15. I am not sure how I came across your site, but I am SO glad! I am following you on pinterest too! I am so glad you have a pinterest test kitchen! I too have wanted to make the yummy recipes on there, but I am unsure if they will come out good or not! Look forward to reading more on your blog!

  16. i am laughing out loud reading your jay-z lyrics!! thanks for thinking about us and checking in last week. sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, super busy week. anyway, i don't have your email address either. mine is keep dancing in the kitchen and repeating those awesome songs!

  17. you own a crockpot, now it's official: we can be true blogfriends ;) looks delish!!

  18. welcome to the crock-pot side.

    your dish looks easy n' yummy.

    our crocks are related to each other. the other crocks can't "keep up with" them cuz they're so awesome.

  19. I'm making this tonight. Hopefully, I won't mess it up.

  20. Oh, i am SO guilty of pinning with no crock pot in my possession! Can't help it. Plan on buying one soon, if we don't get one as a wedding gift. :) This chicken looks so delish..

  21. [...] I tried a recipe from Jessica last month. In October, she posted an easy recipe for CrockPot BBQ Chicken.  I’ve had a crockpot for quite some time and I barely use it. I thought this simple recipe [...]

  22. My house smelled wonderful! I’m making this tonight. You, without a crock pot?