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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fleet Week

There are quite a few perks available when your dad owns a tugboat company.

Like having the best seat in the house for San Francisco's Fleet Week festivities.

I also had a tugboat named after me once.  For a few months.

Then it was sold on Ebay, sailed to Mexico and scrapped for parts.

Adios Delta Jessica.

My dad, along with his two partners Ron Charlesworth and Jack Going bought BayDelta Tugs in 1993.

They worked crazy hard for 18 years to build one of the most well-respected companies on the San Francisco Bay.

They sold BayDelta last month and are somewhat officially retired.

My dad's new job is calling the San Jose Mercury crossword hotline from the closet so my mom won't see.

If you're really quiet, when you walk into their house you can hear him.

Whispering near the suits he once wore.

"13 down, please.  OK, OK.  Got it.  Now 27 across."

Anyway, back to the festivities.  Not aboard the Delta Jessica.

Awesome photo credits to Dave.


Bonus points if you can identify the celebrity on board pictured here with Jack's wife, Billie.

Hint: Dave greeted him with the following: "Thank you for making my childhood such a memorable one."

Hint: Dave is obsessed with sports.

Hint: The celebrity caught a REALLY important pass in 1981.

Super fun day.  Super perfect weather.

And, due to the sale, likely the last year it will happen.

I petitioned for a "Fleet Week forever" clause in the sale agreement.

But it was scrapped.  Like my boat.


  1. That is so awesome! All of it... Sorry that your boat was taken to Mexico and sold for scraps :( At least it makes a great story :)

  2. How flippin awesome that you had a boat named after you. Scrapped?Not so great; but you can just leave that part outta the story:)
    Hope all is well!

  3. what a lucky girl you are!

    thank you for sharing all the AWESOME pix.
    i want to go to fleet week.

    i don't watch football or know any sports people {she says as she shields her head with her arms}.
    i watch it once a year on "super eating sunday." i think you people refer to that day at super bowl... i'm assuming it has something to do with all the super bowls of food.

    don't hate me. just tell me who to cheer for come s.b. sunday and i will. okay.

  4. miss you!! you're so fancy!

    love the photos. and unless that is an sec college football player, then i don't know him.
    herschel walker of the georgia bulldogs made my 80s childhood amazing. i could say herschel before i could say my own name;) thanks to my dad.

  5. So cool! Did you see any sharks? Because it would be cool of they could combine shark week with fleet week.

  6. Those pictures are amazing!

    Sad about the Delta Jessica getting scrapped -- but hey, at least you were a very special Jessica for a little while. :)

  7. Those are amazing pics of the Blue Angels! So close-up! Mine just looked like dark plane-shaped dots on the sky. And no, I wasn't at fleet week. I saw them in the summer when I was in Michigan. My stepdad is obsessed with the blue angels.

  8. i'm so bookmarking this post.
    if 1981 was dave's childhood - then we are most DEFINITELY NOT the same age.

    i don't even remember 1981.

    heck i was only around for 1/3 of it.

  9. So much fun! We went on Sunday, but the Blue Angels did not fly because it got too foggy! Boo!

  10. I can't believe that your dad owned a tug-boat company!

    this is #1 on my husband's list of "dream jobs".

    a close 2nd is railroad conductor:)

    as the awesomely sensitve, supportive soul mate that i am, I laughed hysterically at him and bring it up often:)

    too cool.

  11. your pictures are amazing!

    how fun!

  12. Your parents need to adopt me.
    That is all.