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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Activation Day

Yesterday was a big, huge, giant day for a certain little girl in the Johnson house.

Ashlyn's "new ear" was turned on.

We'd been watching lots of cochlear implant activation videos on YouTube in anticipation.

Don't be jealous of our exciting Friday nights.

Many of the more popular ones are pretty amazing.

[vimeo w=500&h=706]

I knew in my heart Ashlyn's experience would be different.

I didn't imagine her being shocked or surprised.

Or overwhelmed and crying.

And she wasn't.

Because she's always had some hearing.

Just not enough.

And, although it was a big day.

It was also a simple day.

A proud little girl who can identify the numbers 4 and 2.

Who's adjusting very well to hearing sounds in a new way.

A good God who has a great plan.

And two very thankful parents.


  1. oh mama! i am so excited for you and your family. God is Good!

  2. Love this Jess. Ashy may not have cried, but I have tears in my eyes reading this. Loved that video you posted of her yesterday, so SWEET in so many ways. Love you guys!!!

  3. What an amazing blessing technology can be! To change a little girl's life forever :)

  4. no words. just bigs smiles and, well, maybe a few tears :)

  5. This just makes my day!
    So wonderful - praise Him!!

  6. OK, I need a tissue! LOVED all 44 seconds of that.....hugs!

  7. This makes my heart smile! :) I love her pig tail braids! Adorable!

  8. i love activation day.
    even though it might have been beast-activation more than anything ;)

    that girl is too much.
    thanks again for letting me stop by on such a special occasion.

    and now that she can hear, can you ask her where she put snow white?!?

    Thanks ;)

  9. This is so exciting!! We are praising God for this amazing invention and how he is going to use it to bless Ashlyn :)

  10. I'm pretty sure she is the cutest little girl ever!

  11. With tears in my eyes, I could see that little smile of hers.
    Praising God for this gift and for parents who listen with hearts!!!

  12. well did you cry? cuz I sure did. Like the ugly cry. Thanks a lot!
    God is so good.
    By the way... you are awesome ;)

  13. Oh that is awesome! Her sweet little face in that last picture just made me smile! :)

  14. awesome!

    so thankful!

    she just looks so bright and cheery:)

  15. awesome! i have tears of joy. what an amazing day for all of you.

    ashlynn could not be any cuter... love it!!

  16. you brought tears to my eyes, mainly because i feel like i was in your shoes (to a different extent) 3 years ago when my daughter maddie got her hearing aids for the first time. it was a feeling i will never forget. the look on her face when they turned them on and every sound was amplified, priceless. of course the quote i will have etched in my mind forever, when we got into the car to leave, "mom, i can hear the radio!" so happy for your family!!!! what a special day.

  17. love the video! she was quite cute this morning in morning music as they strutted/danced!

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