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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make Pie Not War: A Blog Birthday Giveaway

About 8 years ago my husband went to have burritos with friends.

And came home wanting to take out a small business loan, learn how to screen print and start a clothing company.

They even named it that night.  Right there in the little taqueria.

Disciple Clothing Company.

I was 8 months pregnant with Kayla.  And hormonal.

Making rash decisions left and right.  So I agreed.

But it really was the perfect fit.

Jason was our ridiculously talented graphic designer.

Drew was a marketing genius with 104,789 myspace friends and connections to EVERY band on the planet.

And there was Branden, my brother, and his crazy sales skills.

And Dave, our self-taught screen printing workhorse.

It seemed like a slam dunk.

And, looking back, it was.  We had a blast.

All the printing was done in our garage and our living room was always filled with boxes.

We took a crash course in Christian Musical Festival 101.

Spirit West Coast: Del Mar and Monterey.

Joshua Fest.

Creation Fest.

Joy Fest.

Every Fest known to man.

And though it was hard work, those were the best of times.

Dave and Drew worked together in youth ministry.

So we had unlimited access to cheap (we paid them in clothes) labor.

And they worked hard.  And we are forever grateful.

We met lots of wonderful people.  Amazing companies.  Lifelong friendships.

It was very exciting to see a dream that was born on a whim over chips and salsa come to fruition.

And a little company based out of our home garage grow and make a name for itself.

Sadly, in May of 2007, a band threatened to sue us over trademark issues.

Although we were growing, we were still too small to fight against a record company.

So we hung up our screens, closed up the garage and called it a day.

R.I.P. Disciple Clothing Company.

It was fun while it lasted.


But enough with the sad stories.

Guess what?!

My blog turns one on March 8!

And I'm giving YOU a present.

A $50 store credit to Make Pie Not War

Alana Little is one of those wonderful people we met during our Disciple days.

She is gorgeous, hysterical and full of life.  She lights up a room.

And her company is amazing, too.

Just leave a comment below and you're entered for a chance to win.

And I don't even really care what you say.

You can head over to Make Pie's Etsy shop and tell me what you'd buy.

Or just "hi" is fine.

You can even tell me that you love bands that sue over trademark issues.

Whatever your little heart desires.

Winner will be chosen randomly.

"Like" Make Pie Not War's Facebook page for a second entry.

Tweet about the giveaway for a third entry.

Just leave me separate, additional comments saying that you did.

Giveaway will go through Tuesday, March 8.

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 9.

Alana's jewelery is beautiful.

And I'm so excited to share it with you.

Happy Birthday, little blog!


  1. oooh... I'm in. For jewelry, I'm always in. And happy birthday KUWTJ. :)

  2. And I like her page. :)

  3. Love the old pictures!
    And enter me, please. =)

  4. They are the best hoodies and t-shirts!! I treasure mine. Claudia is now wearing hand-me-downs from that!

  5. Ohhh... I like "my cocktail earrings in silver."

  6. And I already like MPNW - although I REALLLLY like it now! :) Especially if i win!

  7. cute necklaces, and fun blog!

  8. Cant' believe you have been blogging for a whole year! Wowzers. I miss the days of disciple clothing, good times! xoxo

  9. I love my Disciple clothes!! :) My oversized sweatshirts are amazing here when it's freezing!! Miss those days of making shirts in the garage

    I liked the facebook page too, very cute stuff! :)

  10. Great should consider revamping under a new name. So creative!

  11. There's no way I could decide!

  12. Jess... soooo cute! :) Sad I only caught the tail end of the Disciple craze and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KEEPING UP WITH THE JOHNSONS!

  13. If I am runner up will you make me a pie?

  14. Pick me #ifyoustillwanttocometobdaymadness :oP

  15. Also liked MPNW's facebook page

  16. i love alana! i love her designs. what wouldn't i want from her store. it's all worth wanting! love your blog name! thanks fro hosting this sweet giveaway. ~jamie

  17. oh and i already 'like' make pie not war. of course :)

  18. I would LOVE to win a gc for jewelry. That stuff is CUTE!

  19. I love her jewelry!

  20. And I already 'like' Make Pie Not War on fb!

  21. Love that jewelry!! :)

  22. I already commented above, but I thought maybe I was supposed to do it down here too. I love MPNW!! BEST jewelry ever!!!
    Happy Birthday to your blog!!!!

  23. I love my disciple t-shirt and I would love a necklace from her website.

  24. enter me x3! disciple made my high school years AWESOME. so many good memories.

    and, for the record, i strongly dislike bands that sue over trademark issues.

  25. Cute post!! Love that shop. I not only want the jewelry, I want the clothing it's styled on and the backgrounds to be wallpaper in my house :P

    Congrats on your Birthday-Blogday!! :)

  26. yeah for giveaways on my first visit here! :) happy birthday blog! :) and MY hubs is a youth pastor too.. got to love a young and eager work pool..:)

  27. so down. :) you can enter me. and cha'mon, i've been following you since the beginning. happy birthday blog! :D and i will tweet.

  28. MPNW is the bestest thing ever! feliz cumpleanos blog and cheers to many more!

  29. um, seriously, your stuff is freaking adorable!

  30. and i LIKE the MPNW page already because alana is the cutest and her stuff is amazing!


    "like" fb page

  32. This is so cute :)

  33. I am IN! You have introduced me to the BLOGGING world. I feel like I am friends with so many women over their blogs, but most of all a community of loving, good women who are happy! And Keeping Up With The Johnson's is my #1 Favorite Blog. Happy Birthday!

  34. Definitely digging the site! Thanks for introducing it to me on your blog! PS - love reading your family updates :)

  35. Just found you on Twitter. I wanna win!:)

  36. What a fun story about your tshirt company! Sorry about the sad ending :(
    Happy Blogoversary! Yeah!!!! What a fun giveaway! :)

  37. Here via Twitter! So no more of those fun sweatshirts you teased us with in the pictures? I was hoping that was the giveaway! Sadness.

    But jewelry? Well, um, uhhh... OKAY! Pick me!

  38. Fun times on the road at festivals? Yes please. Cease and desist letters? No thank you. One of everything from Make Pie Not War? Yes pretty please. With sprinkles on top.