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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Biker Chick

Pop Pop bought Ashlyn a tricycle a few weeks ago.

And the only time she's not on it is when she sleeps.

Really.  24/7.

It's like public transportation in our house.


Hop on trike.  Peddle to kitchen.

In Minnie costume and birthday hat.

Open fridge.  Grab snack.  Place snack in trike basket.

Peddle to living room.  Run over dog's tail.

Harass Kayla that she missed out on one of 40 free bikes given away at school because mommy was in Vegas and daddy was "Mr. Late Pants" in getting the form in.

Ready for church?  In the rain?

We're taking the trike anyway.

And falling off curbs and in puddles.  And returning to change pants.

Bathtime?  Peddle to hall closet.  Run over dog's tail.  Grab towel.

Continue on to the bathroom.

Remove hearing aids and place in trike basket.

Hop in tub.

Hop out of tub.  Ignore towel.

Take a quick spin around the room and give your bed the big stank eye.

Then drippingly peddle to the living room to catch a little Jesus TV before bed.

Actually.  Can we discuss the cartoons on Jesus TV for just one minute?

I let my kids watch it more than anything else because it's better than most everything else.  But BARELY.

Who exactly does the casting?  And is time travel to 1987 involved in the process?

I wonder who sits behind the camera and approves these gems.

I wonder if they're 3 years old and ride a bike around the studio.

Oh and speaking of gems, this is what happens when mama works on picture day.

And dad picks the shirt.  And Kayla picks the lovely floral background and ornate name plate add-on.

Hmmmm.  I think I need to go ride a bike.



  1. I think for my next adventure with your girls - I'll take Ashy on a visit to see my dad. They have a lot in common. She can probably give him a few tips on good cyclist habits.

  2. love it! i NEED a trike. like now.
    oh picture days and dads. really ANY day my dad took me anywhere, i was allowed to express my own ideas of fashion. i LOVED it. my mom just cringed;)

  3. Oh that background choice is awesome.

  4. Love this post, what sweet pics of your biker chick! :) Loving the school photo too...I want my hubby to take pics everyday when I'm at Creative Estates just for comedic relief!

  5. oh my goodness...this is classic!!!! Ashlyn is so funny!!!

  6. that last picture is priceless!! she is going to LOVE it someday! :) and you are way nicer than me.. i think i would have gotten annoyed at he bike and kicked it outside. oh and i have never heard of jesus tv. does this make me extra lame? i love jesus but tv not so much. ;)