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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bunk Beds are Bunk.

I'm pretty sure a man invented the stackable sleeper.

A man that never made a bed in his life.

I Google Wiki investigated.

And what do you know?

I was right.

A British dude.  A "wealthy lord."

For traveling purposes.

He made his servant sleep on the bottom.

And I can guarantee that sad little servant was forced to change the stinky sheets, too.

Sure, I have mad love for their space saving capabilities.

But I have zero love for the acrobatics required to change their dumb sheets.

And the full sweat Zumba-esque work-out I get from trying to fit that blasted pee cover over the top mattress.

And the knee injuries that occur when the ladder flips out from under said sheet changer.

I'm looking forward to moving next month for a plethora of reasons.

An extra bedroom.  A spacious backyard.  A ridiculous amount of storage.  A bonus room.  A remodeled kitchen.

But top of the list?

The bunks have been naughty.

And they're taking time outs.

In separate rooms.



  1. I wonder if Miggy has bunk beds? He is probably a pro at putting pee covers on since he is a Zumba expert.

  2. So funny! My hubby made some for our son and while I love the extra space for cousins I refuse to put sheets on the top bunk, unless necessary!

  3. We love our bunk over desk dealio. Kids aren't allowed to go up ladder until age 6. And the bed is never made. Sheets are rarely changed. It's a stinky boy's room so who cares?
    Just thought I would stand up for the bunk beds cuz #lovewins.

  4. My sons had a bunk bed, but they usually slept on the bottom bunk together... so it served no purpose. My younger son did get his arm stuck in the top bunk railing one time. I thought for sure I would have to saw it off (the railing, not his arm).

    No kid can resist the urge to jump from the top bunk and that alone is why they are crazy dangerous.