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Monday, February 28, 2011

Small Things

Planting a church is hard work.

Primarily because everything starts small.

Which can be discouraging and difficult.

Because our world says that numbers = success.

In life.  In business.  And especially in the church.

But we also know that true community happens in the smallness.

And for that, I am thankful.


Small Groups.  Life Groups.  CommUNITY Groups.  Grace Groups.

We don't exactly know what we're going to call them.

But they're starting.  On April 6th.

And we're going to hack.

Last night we had our initial planning meeting.

To discuss goals.




How the safety seal on a gallon of milk makes a nice engagement ring.

Also, Dave and I appointed Jamie church secretary.

Before everyone else arrived.

Because she's cute.  And has a new MacBook.

So if you attend Hope or are in the San Mateo area,

we invite you to be a part.

Wednesday nights.

Staring April 6.

Come hack with us.


  1. I think we should maybe call it Bible Hackers....hahah. JK commUNITY groups or I am out.

    That is one gorgeous ring!

  2. i am even MORE depressed that i had to miss this now!!!! can you all please make future meetings revolve around my schedule? k thanks.

  3. my husband i started as youth pastors at a small church that is just starting and it is hard :/
    especially when there are so few... but small is sometimes good i suppose :)

    just stumbled upon your blog- it's lovely & you have a beautiful family!