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Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 on 10: March 2011


Ten on Ten: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month.

Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

This sweet little angel face slept in her OWN bed (backwards) THE WHOLE. NIGHT.  With her pink polka dot Minnie Mouse pillowcase that she'll likely be bringing to college.

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  WWIII occurred over the frosting cup.

Isn't this the sweetest face you've ever seen?  I got to hang out with her this morning.

Then I met Kimberlee and Jesse (and Camilla and Claire and Jon and Cindy) for lunch at Chipotle.  I love Spring Break.

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!  Well, almost.  We're in contract.  We just need to find someone that will loan us lots of thousands of dollars in 19 days.  Also, Ashlyn's cochlear implant evaluation is scheduled for March 28.  Which means I am DROWNING in paperwork.  Literally.  Almost dead.  But a happy dead.

Ashlyn had a tantrum on the way home from school.  For those not fluent in sign language, she is telling me "no."  But it was more like "NOOOOOO!!!!!"  I wouldn't let her squirt her apple juice into her cup holder.  The horror of it all.

After a meltdown, every girl needs a good soak in the tub.  Dave's going to say this is creepy and I shouldn't have included it.  And he's totally right.

Cleaned out the freezer.  Thrilling.  We love waffles.

Occasionally, our clean-and-folded-but-not-put-away-laundry square footage outnumbers our laundry room square footage and I have to move the whole operation to the dining room table.

KK had a playdate.  I'm not sure why she's wearing a devil costume.  I want to bottle Lily's hair color.  And make millions.

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Happy 10th!


  1. Yep, that is the sweetest face I've ever seen.

  2. I sure hope when you cleaned out the freezer you didn't toss any of the reeses or mini candy bars. those are my post chipotle desserts.

    well they are really YOURS. But I like to think they are mine.

  3. oh it looks like it was such a great day - thank you so much for participating!

  4. I love the under water picture. It's cool and not creepy at all!

  5. I loved your photos!

    Specially the one about the little girl with the hair in the water!! So cute!!!

    If you wanna see mine, go to

    Hoping you like and comment it!

    Mirys (from Brazil)

  6. wo-hoo!!! congrats on the house!!! so fun!!! so stressful! so exciting!
    and, I spy peppermint joe joe ice cream in your fridge...YUM!

  7. That baby is adorable... and the bath tub one is creepy - but also very cool!!

  8. Really you are not sure about the Devil Costume? Home is not home unless you have folded laundry laying around. Did you make cin rolls b/c it was the tenth. I take back my mother Hubbard cupboard comments--Fully Stacked.