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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughtless Thursday

I'm a little sleepy today.

Our three-year-old has made a habit of taking over our bed in the wee hours of the morning.

And her head, lodged in my ribs has not been very conducive with proper sleep patterns.

Shocking, right?

So, because I can't seem to organize a single thought in my brain,

here's a dose of random for your day.

All pics taken with Instagram.

Which, by the way, has quickly filled the app-shaped hole in my heart.

Peace out, Hipstamatic.  It's been real.  But you weren't the best Valentine.


KK went to a sleepover party on Friday night.

See all the little girls working diligently on their crafts?

You don't?  Oh, because the moms are.  We made really cute sandals.  For them.

Ashlyn is obsessed with earlobes.  But only mine.  And it's starting to get a little weird.

The cutest wall decal that ever lived.  For my dear friend Teri who was due on Tuesday.

Come out, Addie!  We're ready to meet you.

Food run at work.  A good excuse to get out of the blue dungeon.

And avoid calls from crazies asking for 911 ambulance rides to the senior center to play bridge.

And yes, that is a Neti Pot.  A certain dispatcher had some nasal issues.

Here to help, people.  Here. to. help.

Road trips are the best.  On Monday we drove up to Stockton to celebrate love.

And had to stop at Walmart, of course.  And take pictures.  I love these girls.  Alot.

Yesterday, my mom and I took the girls to Toys 'R Us.

A warehouse full of 8 gazillion toys.  And my girl reads.

A certain someone has been watching Minnie Mouse birthday cake how-to videos on YouTube.

And repeats "Happy Birthday, Ashlyn" the entire time.

So I guess I should probably start watching, too.

SNOW at sea level is forecasted for Saturday.

Which is CRAZY!  Which means I really need to clean up the backyard.  In the freezing rain.

To avoid White Trash Winter Wonderland 2011.

Happy Thursday!


  1. 1. The earlobe thing is WEIRD. Hhahaha. Forget a binky, blanky, or lovie, earlobes are where its at. I think its the "deaf" thing. ;)
    2. I'm so sending in Laura and Marge to People of Walmart.
    3. Come on San Mateo - let's DO this snow thing!
    4. Instagram > Hipstamatic. You're welcome.

  2. white trash winter wonderland 2011!!!??? that is hilarious! we could have a competition....put lights up and many broken buckets, slimy beach balls and spider infested items do you have out there? cause i have a pretty competitive amount.

  3. what is this....? whenever im not in the area it starts snowing...
    earlobe thing is sooo funny :) i miss you guys a ton. :(

  4. One of mine was obsessed with earlobes too!