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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We've known Cari since she was in junior high.

One of our former youth group kids that we love dearly.

After graduating from UCLA, Cari relocated to Stockton to help plant the church Reality, Central Valley.

She's also student teaching in inner-city Stockton and will have her Math credential this May.

She lives with one of the church's elders and his family and 178* other people in a massive, gorgeous old Victorian.

*I exaggerate on the number of residents.  But not really.

All I know is that this host family is selfless and loving.

And must have scored off the charts in the hospitality section of the spiritual gifts test.

They are a light in a very dark part of that city.

This is taped to the inside of their front door.  A necessary daily reminder.

Cari has always been very "present" in our lives, even when she's not close geographically.

I know she prays fervently for us and our church.  I feel it.

We've always had a great deal of respect for her.

So when she said she met a boy,

we were skeptical that he was good enough for our sweet Carolyn.

She brought him to the house for dinner.  I cooked.  Dave interrogated.

Like, seriously interrogated.

I continuously served up heaping spoonfuls of Baked Ziti to cut the tension.

And was a little worried he'd never return.  But he did.

Jordan is a Godly and wonderful young man.

He lives in LA and teaches 9th grade English in South Central.

And even wrote us a thank you note.  Who DOES that?!

An awesome guy does.

Anyway, they are getting married!  And we couldn't be more thrilled.

Last night, we drove up to Stockton for a surprise engagement celebration.

They were overwhelmed.

The Lord joined together two young people that share the same passion and heart.

And I can't wait to see how He is going to use them.

I think they are going to move mountains.


  1. I adore Cari and Jordan. And that house. But Cari & Jordan more. Thanks for shuttling us there Johnson's!

    PS That tension filled baked ziti was GOOD. but not as good as those porcupine meatballs sound.

  2. I have no idea why, but after reading your post and then seeing the picture of the two of them together I was completely overwhelmed with emotion! What a great couple. It's awesome to know that there are people like that praying for the peace of the world... praying over everything and everyone.

    They are an adorable couple!

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