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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why We Didn't Care About the Superbowl

Aaron who?

Ben what?

We didn't care about any of it.

Because our favorite QB was no where to be found.

But Ashy wore her jersey anyway.

You see, we grew up in the same town as Tom Brady.

Attended the same elementary school.

Graduated high school with his sisters.

Dave played Little League with him.

My parents and his parents are still very close friends.

Gisele and I even hang out every now and then.

Or once.

At Tom's Sr.'s 60th birthday party.

And she is more perfect and gorgeous in person.

Tommy and KK, circa 2005.

I recall that she had a VERY full diaper.

And was on the verge of a panic attack that her pee would get on his forearm.

Sorry, Tom.

I'm sure you're used to all that now.

And why the scrubs, you ask?

We were at a family party celebrating his sister's nursing school graduation.

And had to dress up as medical professionals.

My dad (in background) was a "doctor on vacation..."

He always breaks the rules.

But back to Sunday.  And our protest.

Ashlyn couldn't even watch.

And spent much of the afternoon playing catch.

Kayla rode her bike in the backyard.

All those yellow pants were just too painful.

Because we love our Tommy.

Kind, gentle and humble.

Always has been.

Always our MVP.


  1. Any post with a picture of Tommy in it is a favorite of mine. So is any Superbowl. No wonder I was only into the food this year.

  2. One of my friends high school is now the head football coach at Serra. Tell me you know Patrick Walsh.
    And did you ask Gisele about breastfeeding?

  3. Good to see this side of him. As a Dallas Cowboys fan I tend to snub away anyone that plays for the Patriots... but seeing him hold your daughter kind of changes things (just a little) ;o) Great pics!

  4. [...] Which makes my husband get a little bit crazy. He used to care only about the Niners and the Pats. And I’m 100% ok with that. I like watching those games. But Fantasy Football has caused him [...]