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Friday, February 18, 2011

Heaven... in a Pyrex

This recipe belongs to a woman that was brave enough to marry into our family over 30 years ago.

She and my dad's youngest brother, Dave live in Scottsdale.

And they have three awesome kids.

She had Norwegian roots.

As does this fantabulous dessert.

Her dad, "Big Bill" is a preacher and great story teller.

He grew up in Minneapolis, right near the very first Target store.

And actually knew the brothers that started my most favorite retail chain.

And I'm thinking that it's quite possible that they were Norwegian, too?

Which means that Norwegians brought us Target and Chocolate Angel.

Which means I love Norwegians.

Although, I'm thinking about asking Big Bill to give his old buddies a call.

The grocery section in the Foster City store.

It needs some serious help.

Can a girl get some spray butter?  Not asking for the moon.

But, I digress.

Easy, delicious.  Sent from heaven above.

Oh, and there is some debate as to the kind of chocolate chips to use.

My vote?  Ghiradelli milk chocolate.

Try it.  You won't be sorry.

Thirty Hand Made Days


  1. I think for all of your recipes you should use a spray butter conversion - for people like you. Two tablespoons of Butter...or 342 pumps of spray butter.

    You and your spray butter kill me.

  2. oh my word....why oh why did i have to stumble across this recipe? ;-) i love me some angel food cake....and with chocolate and whipped cream? will be making this for easter! thanks for sharing!