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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Move Over, Tiger

Really.  Please, do... ;)

KK started golf lessons at the grandparents country club this week.  To Daddy and Pop Pop's extreme delight, she took quite a liking to it and actually has a pretty mean swing.  Or mean putt?  Whatever.  She definitely has MY coordination.


  1. I really have to give an email for a comment jess? weird. Too cute Jess! Abby is going to be in ballet soon and preschool in the fall!

  2. i feel like this could be problematic....somehow?

    (p/s-i told you i would comment a lot....)

  3. Uncle Jody will be so pleased, too. That's the plan for our We'll produce too short of children to do much else. :)

  4. So fun! I remember my Dad got megolf club that was just my size so I could learn too when I was that age :)