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Friday, April 23, 2010

Back Blogging and a Not So New Office

Last October, we did a really fun thing for my husband.  OK, OK... I've also been dying to use the "before and after" Picnik photo editing layout.  Short of redecorating a room in my house to make this happen (because I realize this would be mental), I've resorted to a "back blog" of sorts.

When Dave left FBC, he also left behind his beloved office in the youth house.  He really did LOVE that place and spent much of his time there.  He was able to study, pray and meet with people, watch sermons online (which he did and still does ALOT) and engage in deep, theological discussions that would bore most of us to death (Just kidding, babe...  You know I love you and your theology.)  Well, things would change very dramatically in  his new "home office."  Minor detail...  It did not exist.

He had plans to visit my brother up in Sacramento so I made plans (along with a team of wonderful, strong and able-bodied friends) to clean out our garage and transform it into a new office for him while he was away.  We sold almost all of its' contents (Kim and Ellen did a fabulous job coordinating the garage sale - VERY literal, in this case) and Marge, Ashley, Emily, Laura and I headed over to Ikea with the profits to buy a new desk, office chair and accessories.  Lindy also made a handsome donation to help pay for the desk (thanks, Mom).  The others stayed behind to finish painting and cleaning.  Grandmums even stopped by to check things out and brought cookies.  She also took us out to dinner that night which was very thoughtful of her.

And after many hours of hard work...  viola!  A beautiful, new office.  For my husband who always does so much for others.  It was nice to give back.

Did I mention we have wonderful, strong and able-bodied friends? :)

THE REVEAL... occurred the night of October 3, after our first meeting as Hope Church (although at that point we had no name).  Luckily, Dave stayed in Sacramento a little longer than expected to meet with Branden's pastor which gave us more time to get things cleaned up.  He also went straight to Grandmums house for service without coming home first which bought us even MORE time.  Great news for all involved.  Later that night everyone came over and hid in the new office to surprise  him.

And it only took about 10 minutes for the deep, theological discussions to begin once again.
Some things never change.


  1. Very cool. Did not know you had done this. He must have been a happy camper and now you know exactly where he is at all times.

  2. awesome. awesome. awesome.

  3. love this. you are so talented in the "while you were out" surprise! Miss you!

  4. Hi! Thanks for the memories of such a happy time! God Bless You-all...

  5. Hi Jess! :) we need to join Picnik Addicts. great new redo!

  6. Wow, who ever painted those stripes did an amazing job!!! ;)

    I was so glad to be able to come up and help. It was fun!!