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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Little Culture for KK

Last Thursday, the first grade classes and a bazillion (and I mean BA-zillion) other Bay Area schoolchildren went to see the wonderful San Francisco Symphony perform.  Kayla was especially excited for this field trip because she recently started piano lessons on Monday afternoons with Mrs. Claire.  She was, however, a bit disappointed that pianos are not "fancy enough for the orchestra"  and now wants to take up the oboe instead.  "Or maybe the tuba like Pop Pop..."  Oh dear.


  1. yay for the sf symphony!!!
    she should stick with the piano now and move to the oboe later. lots o' money for good oboe players ;)

  2. She cracks me up! Such randomness...the oboe?!

  3. oh kayla.... pianos sometimes ROCK the orchestra. girl you just dont know. look up george gershiwin's rhapsody in blue and get back to me (: