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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ashy Girl

My sweet Ashlyn,

You are three today.  This past year has brought much growth and change.  Obviously, you're taller.  Your hair is longer, lighter and a little less curlier.  You have lost all of your baby pudge and are much leaner.  You are a very pretty little girl.  Complete strangers often stop us and make comments about your beauty.

One year ago, you said only a handful of words.  Today, you are quite the chatterbox.  "Listen, I want mo-ah (more) _______ " is one of your  favorite phrases (we're working on manners) and you say it at least 100 times/day.  Fill in the blank with any of the following: "pik wa--errr" (water in your pink sippy cup), crackers, "biiiig burrito" (from Chipotle, specifically), Cherrios, "rapurts" (strawberries), "Mick-eee" (Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets), waffles, "ouce keem" (mint chip is your fave) and the list goes on...  You love to eat.  You bat your eyes, tilt your head, lift your pointer finger and sweetly say "one mo-ah" when you want more of something.  And it works EVERY time.  You just recently perfected counting to ten (although you leave out nine, I think because you are so excited that you make it to ten).  "Sip" and "seben" are my personal favorites.

You love your big sister and mimic all that she does and occasionally hit her  for no apparent reason. We still haven't quite pin-pointed the source of this aggressive streak in such a sweet little girl.  I say dad.  Dad says original sin.  When you get angry you shout "No!!!  Stop!!!" and stomp your feet and move your hands around very fast.  We have no idea what you are signing/saying but it's pretty entertaining to watch.

You are a bit of a hypochondriac and obsess over "oow-ies" - yours (real and otherwise) and those you see on the people around you.  At your recent doctor's appointment you were quick to point out every single one to the nurse practitioner.  You are very sweet when Kayla gets hurt.  You hug, pat and kiss her.  She, however, usually wants nothing to do with your sympathetic gestures.  Usually because you caused the injury.  But, for the most part you two play well together and she is very good to you.  For example, yesterday she dressed up in a homemade butterfly costume "just to make you happy" (although I think it was just a good excuse to make a butterfly costume and use the big-kid scissors).

Unlike your sister, you could care less about animals.  Kobi seems to annoy you more than anything and usually just gets in your way or eats your food.  You love to swim ("wimmm") and we are all looking forward to the summertime.   You love daddy's iphone (and know more apps than he does) and ask for it by saying "Listen, I want mo-ah hello!"  You are interested in dolls, your pink Fisher Price laptop and your favorite Elmo book that you sleep with every night.

Speaking of sleep, you have a very particular bedtime routine.  We read two books, say prayers and sing/sign the ABC's.  You require two sippy cups of water (each placed in specific locations between the rails of your crib), at least 3 blankets covering you perfectly (your feet especially) and the beloved Elmo book.  And nothing more.  I have tried to give you stuffed animals.  Only to find later than you have thrown them out of your crib and are sleeping soundly with your head resting on the hardcover book.  You say "I lub you" and "nighh nighh" at least 50 times and you blow about the same amount of kisses.  You also have me say "bye bye" to everything in your room, from your dollhouse to the pair of water sippies.  The whole process - from start to finish - takes about 30 minutes.  Daddy says I am an enabler but I think its cute, sweet and I know these days won't last forever.

Happy Birthday, sweet baby.  I love you and thank God for you.


Here's a look back...

Because that baby pudge was SO cute.


  1. I hope Jess that you are keeping these notes in a separate book, because this is soo precious!! Good for the future!!
    Luv ya and your fam,

  2. Jessica,
    I absolutely LOVE your blog! I can't wait for new entries. :) It keeps me updated and makes me not miss you guys so much!
    Happy Birthday Ashlyn! I love you all! <3

  3. Jessica, this was so fun to read! She is growing up so fast, and what a beautiful little girl she is :) Love you all so much! Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

  4. So cute!! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHY!!! <3

  5. I say that flea bitten dog is the source of the aggressiveness..... And btw she loves to say "Val"

  6. What a precious love letter to your daughter! Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

  7. Why do you have to make me cry! I LOVE this and I know Ashy will too, someday. :)