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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Festivities

We love parties.  Our family often celebrates the same event many times, in different ways.  Ashy's official "kid party" is not until May 1, but here's how we've celebrated her 3rd year of life thus far.

Last Friday was her class party and the kids enjoyed vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  Children "graduate" her particular program when they turn 3, so it was also her last day.  She now moves on to the class next door... (and will go to school 9:15-1:45 M-F!)  It was a bittersweet day as we will miss her teachers (pictured bottom left w/ Ashy) very much.  She wore that huge special birthday hat all 3 hours and lifted her bib over her face when they sang to her.

On Sunday, her actual birthday, she requested lunch at her favorite restaurant, Red Robin ("Red Buuuurd")  When she says these two words, she does so with sheer delight.  I think she loves their chicken fingers more than me.  And, from the way she inhaled the ice cream, she's a fan of their sundaes as well.  NOT a fan, however, of the Red Robin busboy birthday choir.  She hid behind her Dora coloring book as they sang.  But I don't blame her.  They are a bit creepy.

Because her birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we had church that night.  The little ones had cupcakes during the kids program and had a great time playing out in the backyard because the weather was beautiful.  After service, we prayed for her.  We prayed for her growth and development and for any decisions that would have to be made on her behalf.  Daddy prayed that she would be able to hear God's voice.  Very special and sweet.  And she stayed still.  For the most part.

And finally, last night we had dinner at Grandmums.  Nan and Pops had been out of town for her actual birthday and Uncle Bert was in town visiting.  We had pork chops and twice baked potatoes.  And for dessert... more cupcakes!


  1. I'm glad you posted this blog on 4/20. another party day for some... SO inappropriate, I know, but I just had to write it. I have been around teenage boys WAY too much.

  2. I made it on your blog. I feel so special. It was great seeing you and the rest of the Johnsons. Keep in touch - see you in June for the big 85.