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Friday, July 19, 2013


photo 4

My parents and Kayla left on an airplane for Sea World yesterday morning.

They will spend 5 days there celebrating her 10th birthday.

Dave got 2 free passes to Great America from a co-worker.

So Ashlyn gets to go there today.

We figure she doesn't need to know the difference.

Swimming with dolphins in paradise.

A fermented smelling log ride.



photo 1

Summer has been good to us so far.

Lots of puppy micro-management.

She's real bossy.

And he's already too big to be held like that.

photo 2

Birthday celebrations.


For the sourdough bread, primarily.

My girl.

photo 5

Vet visits.

He gained 7 pounds in three weeks.

Mostly from ingesting flip flops.

photo 1

Cooking camp with Chef Noni.

They made us lunch on the last day and I'm still not quite sure what it was.

photo 2

A low key Fourth of July.

The Sterno was MIA so we used a Bath and Body Works votive.

Ocean Breeze S'mores, if you will.

photo 3

And a REAL bunny came to visit.

Lincoln who?

photo 4

Lots of checking in on dad.

And drinking unsweetened iced green tea like mom.

photo 3

Summer school.

Safari adventure.

As if she hand-picked the theme.

photo 5

IHOP breakfasts.

Day made for $4.99.

photo 4

Hope launched an additional service on Wednesday nights.

We meet at the Peninsula Chinese Alliance Church in San Mateo at 7 pm.

Ashlyn is super relieved we finally get to go to a "real church" with "lots of toys."

Church planter kid problems.

Dave is preaching a series on forgiveness and it's GOOD.

And challenging.

You can listen here.

And be mad at him for challenging you.

But you will also learn how to forgive him.


Reading with Grandmums.

photo 2

Fossil hunting and rock collecting at the Dinosaur Exhibit.

Grandma CeeCee's birthday dreams come true.

She is a good grandma.

photo 3

Puppy overload, I know.

I just love this picture so much.

And when we think back on the Summer of 2013, we'll mostly think of him.

photo 1

Pool play dates with old and new friends.

Nothing better.

photo 4

And an awesome Star Wars birthday party yesterday afternoon.

Lots of Yoda Soda was consumed.

More diversion from her sister's SoCal adventure.

May the force be with her.

And may summer last forever.


  1. we're recording wednesday night service? best news i heard all day. or maybe worst, i'll let you know after i listen.

    ocean breeze s'mores are all the rage these days. yum.
    or not so yum.
    let's have a doover.

    also if lincoln has gained even ONE pound since i left, i'm unfriending him in real life. he is NOT allowed to grow up.

  2. well, happy summer! this is a whole lot a sweetness.
    lincoln is too much. your girls, cutest, as always.

    starting dave's sermon now, thanks :)

    love you, jess! xo

  3. I have jealousy in my heart over your girls' hair.

  4. ha- church planter kid problems! love it. i remember saying to my mom, "can i go to a REAL youth group too?!? i just want to go to a regular church in a church building" to which she would say, "God never promised us He'd give us what we want, just what's best for us." thanks mom.