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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Pinwheel Shower. And Her Name.

There is something so very special about friends coming together and welcoming a new little life.

Before the new little life is even here to welcome them back.

It makes this new little person so real.

And the mama feel so excited, supported and loved.

Saturday night was all that and more.

photo 3 copy 2


So many fun details.

Beautiful flowers.

Delicious food.

Perfect decorations.

The pinwheels give a little hint about her name.

photo 4 copy 2

photo 3

photo 5 copy 2

photo 5 copy

The friends that took so much time to plan and prepare.

Hostesses and Aunties Julie, Katy and Kim.

All the thank you words in the world seem inadequate.

I am still overwhelmed by all they did.

photo 5

And so many others there to celebrate.

Lifelong friends.

Aunties Shellie, Laurie and Mary.

photo 4

We've walked through so much life together.

Aunties Wendy, Cari, Krissie and Kim.

photo 2 copy

Friends that let your children nickname you.

Auntie TT.

I love that it stuck.

photo 1

Friends in the same boat.

Aunties Natasha and Deborah.

photo 3 copy

Friends from our Disciple Clothing days.

Aunties Alana and Katie.

photo 1 copy

Blog friends.

Kindred spirits.

Aunties Mel, Keri and Katy.

photo 5 copy 3

Work friends.

Who remain friends when work goes away.

Aunties Cara and Dianna.


Her very first things.

The blankets we will swaddle her in.

The cute clothes that make us dream about what she'll look like.

The toys she'll play with.

The towels we'll wrap her in.

The books we'll read.

The Bumbo and highchair she'll sit in far too long as third child.

photo 2 copy 3

Even a handmade Giants blanket.

Dave is hoping it will trigger a comeback rally.


photo 2

And the yummiest, most beautifully decorated dessert table.

Grand Marnier cupcakes, fruit puffs, eclairs, strawberry cookies and lemon puppy chow.

It was a very popular spot.

photo 2 copy 2

A perfect night.

An exciting reminder that our baby girl will be here soon.

And she will be so very loved.

We can't wait to meet you, Holland Joy.


  1. I'm so excited, Jessica! Thanks for sharing your shower here so I could celebrate with you. Praying for only blessings upon this new little girl who's already so loved.

  2. suuuuch a fun day. suchhhhh a fun weekend. :)
    thank YOU for letting us shower you (and HJ). i can't WAIT to meet her...
    on august 28th.

    thank you in advance.

  3. jessica, everything is so beautiful. you and little holland joy (i LOVE her name) deserve to be showered with love.

  4. The shower was SO beautiful!!!!! So glad I got to celebrate Holland Joy with all of you!!!
    She is loved & so are you!!

  5. What an awesome shower and such a pretty name! What made you and Dave choose her name? Name stories are the best!

    I love the pinwheels...such a fun and whimsical decorating scheme!

  6. It was such a beautiful and fun shower! I am so glad I was able to make it. I LOVE the necklace party favor and have already worn it. It will always remind me of Holland. I can't wait to meet her...have her on the weekend so I can come visit you at the hospital :)

  7. Such a gorgeous and perfectly themed shower

  8. so sweet! love everything about this- and love getting to sneak peeks of you in person at JW!

  9. so pretty. so blessed. what a darling name. congratulations.