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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Puppy Party.

We had a fun little gathering here on Saturday.

For our favorite puppy-loving ten year old.


Our new Goldendoodle is 11 weeks old.

And she wanted all her friends to meet him.

photo 1 copy

The birthday girl and the co-guest of honor.

He spent much of the day hiding or blurry in pictures.

Running from children.

He's a bit of an introvert.

photo 2 copy

Kayla wanted her friends to be able to bring home puppies, too.

We figured real ones wouldn't work so well.

Or make us have less friends.

So we found these cute little guys at Talbot's.

She and I prepared adoption certificates the afternoon before.

Ashlyn OCD-mumbled in the background, ensuring that every puppy had a home.

And was not at all happy about the extra, unassigned one I bought just in case we had an unexpected guest.

"But who will take Slush home, mama??!"

"Grandma Cee Cee will, Ashlyn.  Take a pill."

photo 5

Her party day was another warm one.

The girls began to arrive and Lincoln ran away from them.

So they quickly moved outside and on to "Lizaro."

photo 4

Our semi-pet lizard that is not smart enough to escape each night we let him loose.

He was more still (frozen in fear or maybe dead) than the puppy.

More fun, maybe?  I don't really know.

photo 1

Back inside for Kayla's favorite part of the day.

The adoption ceremony.

Each party guest became the proud owner of a tiny little puppy.

With a tiny little milkbone.

And an official adoption certificate.

photo 2

Kayla presented each one separately and specially.

With her trusty OCD assistant.

And the Giants game on in the background.


photo 4 copy

Fun was had by all.

And Lincoln miraculously became more extroverted when they gave him all the milkbones.

photo 5 copy

Instead of bringing gifts for her, she decided it would be fun for people to give toys and treats to the puppy.

But frantically doubted this decision the night before the party.

"Wait.  I will get zero toys tomorrow?"

"Yes, Kayla.  This is what you decided.  Remember when I asked you ten times?"


photo 3

And just in case anyone was wondering.

Milano cookies look cute for puppy ears but aren't very practical due to their weight.

Apricot fruit rolls to the rescue.

photo 4 copy 2

A fun day celebrating our sweet girl and a fun new edition to our family.

And a lesson in giving to others.

Happiest birthday yet.

photo 5 copy 2

Lincoln approved.

Kind of.


  1. this is the best. she is the best. lincoln is the best.
    all of it is THE BEST!!!!!!

    i'm thinking a puppy party for my 32nd is in the cards.

  2. Ummmm, this is the cutest party ever. What a great idea!!!! Love it!!
    Happy 10th Kayla!!

  3. this is the cutest thing I have ever seen! And i love your running commentary. "Take a pill..." "Priorities..." This is why you are my people. HBD Kayla!! Double Digits is definitely something to bark about! xo

  4. I love this idea for a party theme! Saving this for my little guy's birthday!

  5. Couldn't have been a more perfect party for Kayla.
    Super cute. Charlie says he gives props to Lincoln for hanging tough.

  6. The cupcakes are AMAZING. What a fun party. :) Nice job!!!

  7. Such a cute party idea, Jess! and a great learning experience for Kayla giving up those presents ;)

  8. You seriously are SO creative! puppy adoptions and the cutest puppy cupcakes! How do you do it?!