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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Night VBS, I Love You So.

We're one week into summer vacation.

The days are long.

But then they seem to fly at the same time.


I get the importance of cherishing every second I have with my children.

But some days I just want to hide in the backyard shed with the spiders.

Too much time.

Too little organized activity.

Too little patience.

Too little free camps.

Too little Spicy Doritos and sour cream.


Gentle reminders of why I don't homeschool.

And why I gave up student teaching after 3 minutes and changed my major.

Also can pregnant humans suffer from hip dysplasia?

Because I think yes.

Our puppy is still an angel.

But he's an angel with a chewing problem.




We have lots of all of these things.

So I've given up on sitting down.

Because standing up 30 times in one hour is hard when you have hip dysplasia.

To the rescue?

Night VBS at Grace Bible Church.

Sheer, mommy-sanity-saving genius.

The girls love every second.

They come home reciting scripture and singing songs about Jesus.

And I love 3 free hours of not having to fill every second with brain stimulating activity.

When we left a bigger church and started a smaller one, I knew we'd sacrifice.

A good old fashioned Vacation Bible School for my kids is what I mourned most.

But God continues to remind me that He is in control.

Even when I want to hide in the spider shed.

Summer, it's on.

Pass the Doritos.


  1. Come swim in bel air.
    And I'll feed you anything you want.
    And I'll skip drinking Malibu in front of you.

  2. Oh, how I miss night VBS. It was the only time during the year my husband and I could go out on dates.
    And I miss my kiddos reciting Bible verses and singing the same tune over and over and over again.

    This week Noah and Emilie are off doing childcare for family camp at a local Christian camp.
    Josie is an only (a.k.a "bored) child. Maybe I should send them all to your house next week to do child care for "family camp" at your casa! :-)

  3. i feel ya!! except i do homeschool (kind of). i am already looking into my options for next year.
    an evening vbs sounds very cool. take care!!!

  4. I'll take three hours of free time any time of the day. Unfortunately that only means a small window I have for sleep.

  5. Love your blog!
    Oh mi really could have written this! I love having ,y kids off but really miss my alone time.

  6. We have night VBS next week but I'm not sure if it's the best idea for a 4 year old. Oh well. It's one week, right?

    Spicy Doritos and sour cream, eh? Hm...

  7. you know what i love about night VBS? ashlyn's new song selections.
    her voice is as good as her mother's. :)