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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Best Labor Day Weekend Ever.

Tonight our house is quiet.

And we're all a little sad.

The aftermath of a whirlwind weekend.

With some pretty amazing house guests.

Ten people shared one bathroom.

Which was an adventure in itself.

There were other adventures.

Hotel swimming.

Faux camp firing at Joshua Fest.

Random birthday partying.

With fun glow prizes.

ON STAGE with the Supertones.

Our girls are SPOILED.

Big girls, big couch sleepover-ing.

Tres Leche cake making.

With a cute little sous chef.

I'll be Pintertesting this on Thursday.

It's delish.

BYOD Sunday.

D is for dinner.

These nights are my favorite.

Especially when old friends make new friends feel like family.

Sidewalk chalking.

Impromptu Fantasy Drafting.

With a baby assistant.

Spray Painting.

Adios boring walls.

Giants gaming.

On Star Wars Day.

Sneaking out for a date night.

While our girls had one last sleepover.

Talking about life.

And ministry.

And dreams.

It's fun to dream.

It's fun to have friends to dream with.

Come back soon, Carson family.

We miss you already.


  1. awesome! praise jesus for the joy and refreshment of friends! holla.
    and i love the wall art. love.
    also love, you.

  2. so fun, jess! i'm selfishly super sad i didn't get to be part of the sunday fun!

    praising God that He provided a family that you and dave are able to relate with and process with in a unique way.

    i may need a lesson in said wall art. i need to learn to be cool too.

  3. It was so nice to meet your friends at church! I'm glad you had such a fun weekend with some very lovely people.

  4. Lucky lucky lady!!! I'm jelous. That you got to hang out with the awesome Julie and that she got to hang with the awesome you!

  5. The queen of emo right now is CRYING.
    Thank you for that.
    For everything. Every happy, crazy, hilarious, real, minute.
    Even the crying.
    Thank you friend.
    We treasure your family and I feel so unworthy of our friendship.

  6. i don't know who i am more jealous of you or julie.

  7. and byod...that is awesome. i could have people over like that.

  8. the garage pic kinda freaks me out because it almost ALMOST is like your old garage. SO CRAZY.

    also. this post kinda makes me sad i was gone. so i just have to skim over it really quick.