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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pintertest Kitchen 12: Tres Leches Cake


I'm not going to lie.

I'm 100% phoning this post in.

Photos are straight-up, unedited.


I'm sorry.

You'll just have to deal with my dog bowl, wood glue and Lysol wipes.


Julie and I made this cake on Sunday afternoon and our conversation went something like this:

Julie: "So what are you Pintertesting this month?"

Me: "Shoot.  That's THIS Thursday, huh?"

Julie: "Yes."

Me: "Ummmm.  This?"

Julie: "Quick.  Get your camera."

So, friends.

I present to you The Pioneer Woman Tres Leches Cake.

If you don't have a fancy white pitcher like PW recommends?

You can use a Giants Opening Day souveniur cup.

It tastes the same.

Probably better, actually.

Also, we drive a Honda.

You can find the recipe here.

Make it as soon as realistically possible.

It's GOOD.

Oh.  And if you forget to add maraschino cherries.

You can do it the next day.

When you eat the leftovers for breakfast.

Not that I would know.

Also, you'll want to come back next month.

Pintertest Kitchen turns 1.

Fancy new button will be revealed.

And we're having a party.

With lots of fun prizes.

You don't want to miss it.

Go Giants.


  1. love the raw post. it's awesome.

    i wanna taste it. it smelt so good.

    mmmmmmm, cake.

  2. oh yum! how does it do shipping out of state?

  3. so- the cherries are throwing me off bc they scream old person food for some reason. but you are kind of convincing if i need an excuse to bake!

  4. everything you do is cool. happy almost birthday.

  5. Heh.
    I don't edit my pictures. But yum. That looks awesome. Cherries make it healthy. They're the fruit. And I'd totally join you in cake for breakfast. Not that I've ever eaten it before. Sigh.
    Linking up for Pintertest.

  6. I did not eat nearly enough pieces of that delightful quatro leches masterpiece. I think this is the best pintertest ever. Mostly because of all of the awesome in the pics. Our crap strewn all over the house. jason in the background on the couch. Febreze. This is real life and real life is my favorite. Sundays in your hood are my favorite. Cherries or no cherries.

  7. yummo!! add this to the menu. for when i visit. please. ;)

  8. Looks SO good!! My mom makes tres leches with rum... sometimes tequila... in it. It's delicious!