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Saturday, September 15, 2012

We Serve a Huge God.

You guys.


 And you know?

I'm not surprised.

I am thrilled.


So very thankful.

But not surprised.

God is good.

And He provides.

 Jon P. and John J. left SFO on the 11th.

And met a team of two others.

The four men arrived safely in Sudan and will head up to the Yida refugee camp sometime today.

And then move up into the mountain region over the next few days.

Please pray.

For safety.

Clear passage.

That rains would stop and roads would be accessible.

Lack of injuries and sickness.

For those starving and sick.

For families that have been separated.

For grace and chances to share about the Living Bread.

That God would continue to work miracles.

Thanks to all of you.

Those who donated.

Those who opened shops and gave away your proceeds.

Those who shared of the need and the story.

Those who prayed and continue to pray.

Starving people will receive food in the next few days because God used you.

And on behalf of our family and our church, we are grateful.

So grateful.

We've set up a daily 24 Hour Prayer Chain in 15 minute increments.

There are still a few open spots.

If you're interested, please comment below and indicate a time of day preference.

And again, thank you.

It's a privilege to serve Him with you.

To be the Church, together.


  1. Praise Jehovah Jireh (=the Lord our Provider). This is amazing, Jessica!!!

  2. absolutely amazing. I love the part about not being surprised, its so true! We should never be surprised when God does amazing things!

  3. I love this kind of news so much!
    Thanks for the update!!!!

  4. I teared up reading this, Jess. Thank you for letting God use this blog for His glory. Praying for understanding, safety, and for Jon^2 to be instruments in Sudan. Love you friend!

  5. I would love a prayer spot anytime of day will be great! Such an awesome post about our awesome god!

  6. I love those moments when God's work is so abundantly clear that awestruck I fall to my knees! You are amazing GOD!

  7. oh.. me, me, i want to pray!! how about 6 blessed thirty a.m. ?? me, nella and jesus will hang out and pray and lactate.;) with the baby stuff going on i never even got back to you.. i stink. but i can PRAY. so excited.. :)

  8. So excited to see what God will do through this trip!!
    Thanking Him for the Miracle!! ;)

  9. He always surprises us. Even though we know better than to be surprised.
    Love you. Your family. Hope. Sudan.
    The God that brought us together.

    The God of abundantly more than our dreams.

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