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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Big News

If you missed church on Sunday, you missed some really good cupcakes.

These were the leftovers on Monday.

We ate them for breakfast.

You also missed some really big news.

For us, at least.

Dave was able to quit his job at CityTeam, Oakland.

To pastor Hope full-time.

We are so thankful for God's provision through His people.

We are excited, humbled and anxiously anticipate all that the Lord is going to do.

As Dave has more time, energy and focus to place on our sweet church.


Super thankful to our church body for seeing a need.

And fulfilling it so generously.

We anxiously await this next season.

It is our privilege and joy to serve you.

It always has been.


  1. Wow, that is HUGE news. God is faithful.

  2. AWESOME news!!! :)

  3. it must be amazing to see the hand of God work things together, provide, lead, and be glorified in your baby church. this is wonderful news! i am glad for you, p.w., that the church is able to support your family, and that you and husband can focus time and passions into your own family and your family-church.

  4. i am SO excited for this next season.
    it is a JOY (seriously, i have so much joy!) serving alongside you guys.
    excited to see what God does this year, and the watch the Gospel go forth into the community!

  5. this is awesome. praise God!
    <3 <3 <3

  6. Oh my word that is HUGE news!

  7. i DID miss church on sunday.. :) i had an inkling that was the news... we are so happy for you guys!!! you know what that makes YOU right??? an official pastor's wife. holla. ;)

  8. that is super exciting, lady friend. blessings on you guys this season as you transition. also, if you can, reply via email to me b/c i have a question for you and i don't think i have your address.

  9. what amazing and exciting news!!!

    those cupcakes look super yummy.

  10. Jess, that's fanTAStic!!!
    So happy for your family, AND for Hope.
    God is so good!!

  11. So excited for you all! Especially excited that Hope is growing and being obedient to the call God has given that church! I love following along so thanks for sharing the news! Woohoo!

  12. Hi There!

    I just found your blog today (by way of Ashley Ann Photography). I started reading and reading and then you mentioned Oakland. Then you mentioned that you were from a church. Then I looked it up and was so encouraged to find that your church plant is just across the way from ours! We just planted in Berkeley; Sunday was out first service. I'm Glad to know about you and your church. I'll be sure to pray for you.