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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Kayla gave a speech last night.

And had great motivation thanks to a "risk taker" ice cream social that's taking place at school today.

And a no homework pass.

Either way, we are super proud of her.

There were well over 100 people in the room.

And she did great.


Here's the video.

She was called sooner than I anticipated and

I missed the hook.

Because I was fishing my phone out of my black hole purse.

I have a dream that I'm going to clean it out one day.


She started by saying: "Love is more powerful than hate.

Dr. Martin Luthur King changed the world so people can have more equal rights..."

In case you were wondering.


  1. girl is an MLK rockstar.
    love her.
    love her heart.
    and love her tippy toe wiggle.

  2. what a cutie pie. i would have been scared speechless at her age.
    so....when's the next test kitchen or should i just link to the current one? i've taken pictures for two separate ones & am writing a post as we speak. :)

  3. she did awesome!

    she is so brave. i would have broken out in a cold sweat and stumbled over my words and maybe passed out. i so don't like public speaking. i love it that she looked so confident up there. way to go kayla!!!

  4. seriously, how is she so old? and still so cute. so proud of her!