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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Craft Weekend

I have decent handwriting.
And I once made festive PJ pants with Christmas tree fabric.
I never wear them because I can't tell the front from the back.
That's about as crafty as this California girl gets.

My friend, Kim had traveling to Kansas on her bucket list.
So she put herself on the wait list for Meg's Craft Weekend.
She was picked via random lottery.
And could bring a friend.

And that is how I ended up crafting in Kansas.

Strap on your craftalicious seat belts.
Here's my recap.

We were scheduled to leave SFO at 7:45 on Friday morning.
Technical difficulties kept us on the runway for over an hour.
Our layover in Houston was 50 minutes.
Bad news.

We missed our connecting flight and spent 12 lovely hours at George Bush International.

We charged our phones in some interesting places.
And ate 30 United voucher dollars worth of airport food.

We arrived at Meg's around 11:30 pm and were greeted by 12 new smiley faces.
Who were still furiously crafting away.
Serious biz in Wichita.

Exhausted, but not wanting to feel left out, I got my midnight ruffle on.
And started with my apron.
The women were sweet and friendly.
And didn't make fun of my uncraftiness much.
Except for Karen from Houston.

We also had some serious swag waiting at our table.

I think we finally closed our eyes around 3 am that first night.
In super comfy brand new beds.
With happy vintage quilts.
Dreaming of ruffles and bunting and lemon fabric.
Definitely delirious from our day of travel.

We were up early the next morning.
Kimberlee prepared a lovely breakfast with fantastic cinnamon rolls.
We chatted.
Ate more.
Bloggers are fun people.

We packed up the caravan and headed to an antique store and barn.
And I'll just be honest, old stuff is not my favorite.
But when in Rome...
You buy hand-painted orange-shaped ceramic California salt and pepper shakers for $5.
And a Girl Scout pocket guide for Kayla from 1947.
My house already smells weird.

Also, Kansas is windy.

Quick stop at Sonic for lunch and back to our ruffles.

We also made bunting.
And painted on canvas.
And decorated totes.

We stopped only to eat.
Yummy enchiladas ala Kimberlee.
Peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache.
Which I didn't enjoy as much as I should have because I was stressing about my inability to rethread a sewing machine.
Which is now on MY bucket list.

Chicago Jenny, sensing my troubles, came to the rescue.
With a screwdriver.

We crafted into the wee hours of the night.
And shared stories.
And laughed some more.

We loved our Read Roomies: the very literate/no-blog 2 Karens and a Tara.

I enjoyed meeting Jade.

And chatting with Ashley Ann about their pending adoption.

And realizing that Amy and I had both guest posted for Jeannett's special needs series.
She's from Alabama. I'm from California. And there we were crafting in Kansas.

We shared technical skills.
Converted a few to Instagram.
And Pinterest.
My work there was done.

Overall, such a wonderful time and happy memories.
And a much-needed break for this busy mama.

Thanks, Meg, for letting crazies invade your home.
It was lovely.

Thank you, Kimberlee for the food and desserts.
It was all so delicious.

Thank you, new friends for a whirlwind, craftabulous weekend.

I loved every ruffly second.


  1. i was gonna say, what a whirlwind.
    but it was more like what a whirlnado.

    thanks for being my +1.
    and getting your ruffle on.

    can't wait to craft with you again.
    however, i am not letting you touch my sewing machine.

    i don't have screwdriver skills like chicago jenny!

  2. im kind of super jealous that you got to do such fun stuff! i wanna get my craft on!

  3. I have loved reading about your recap...I can't believe what a nightmare you & kim had with your layover! no fun!!! So happy that you got to go to Craft Weekend, I really want to go to one! Proud of you for using a sewing machine again! Craft on!

  4. you in windy full of old stuff ruffly kansas KILLS ME. :) i like that you are you no matter where you are. :)

  5. Ha.....loved hanging out with you....I only tease those I're extremely talented...just not with the sewing machine...just kidding.. a little practice and you'll start your own line....go craft and vote for literacy....

  6. jessica!!! it was so much fun to have you and kimberlee! the airplane stuff was a total bummer. i am so glad you came in and just got busy. you did not do any damage to the machines and everyone had troubles at one time or another....that is sewing - so fun until it breaks and then it's so annoying.
    i loved that you got a break from home and enjoyed yourself!
    your apron was lovely and your bunting was AWESOME.

    thanks for humoring us in the antique store.
    your oranges were a score!

  7. You are la-la-la lovely, girl!
    I was so glad to see you for a bit this weekend, but honestly, I could have spent about a week more with you and that Cuppa with my same name. ;)
    Try Kansas again sometime, okay?

  8. love the crafts, looks like it was an amazing weekend!
    that ashlyn canvas is too cute!
    do these count for your pintertest kitchen post, or are you getting your craft on again so soon? :)

  9. what a wonderful weekend. looks like so much fun!!! loved looking at all the photos. thanks for sharing.

  10. So, so fun! I'm glad you and Kim got to go together, but wish I could have snuck into one of your suitcases. I would have been stressing out about the bobbin right there with you ;)

    Girls night soon? xo!!

  11. No way! I live in Wichita, KS! I guess I will have to pop over and check out Meg's blog! The world really is a small place! and yes, it is ALWAYS windy here! :) Sounds like you had a good time, but who wouldn't have fun getting to craft all weekend!