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Friday, January 20, 2012

Football. Still Awesome.

It was 1984.

The Denver Broncos were facing the Cleveland Browns in a championship game of some sort.

My dad (far left) was the only Cleveland fan in all of California.

The couple he's pictured with, Gary and Carol, bought their jerseys the day before.

I'm sure of it.

Our neighbors across the court, The Caldwell's, were from Denver.

My parents hosted a party that day.

Wally Caldwell cut our cable line (with scissors) in the 4th quarter.

Everyone had to go to their house to watch the rest.

So scandalous.  So genius.  I loved our court.

My mom's family is from Long Island.

They are lifelong Jets fans, especially my uncle.

But in the 80s?

EVERYONE was a Niner fan.

I have clear memories of watching the close game against the Bengals at my Uncle Bert's house in 1989.

And I remember my dad buying our very first projector big screen for the 1985 game against the Dolphins.

Then, there's Hometown Tommy.

Yes.  That is our grouchy baby up past her bedtime in a seedy Houston bar in 2004.

I know.

Although I've always been a bit confused over who I should be rooting for,

I've always loved the game.

It's always been a part of my life.

And my earliest memories.

Thrilled for Sunday.

Super excited for a potential Pats/Niners Superbowl.

But this time I know who I'll be rooting for.

Sorry, Tommy.



  1. I HATE the Giants, so I will definitely be rooting for the Niners for that game. I can't promise who I'll root for if it's Niners vs. Pats though.

  2. dad's with staches. still awesome.

    yours should get his back.

    love the video. how pathetic is it that i want to cry watching it?
    so many good memories right there.

    let's make some more.

  3. you take football seriously! i take super eating sunday seriously, because of all the super bowls of food. however, i did want the niner's to win. it's in my cali blood. when cali is sad the niner's lost i grieve with them. hopefully there will be super bowls of comfort food on super eating sunday to get me through the commercials and madonna's halftime show.

    great old pix.

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