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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello, Monday.

Hello laundry.

Hello dishes.

Hello 2011 Toy Purge continued.

Hello volunteer day at Ashlyn's school.

Hello "I Have a Dream" speech rehearsal for Kayla.

I once heard it said that people fear public speaking more than death.

So they'd rather be IN the casket than giving the eulogy.

This applies to 8-year-olds, too.

She's nervous.

But she's going to do great.


Hello carpet spraying and cleaning.

Kobi peed on Butterscotch while we were gone.


Goodbye, San Diego.

You were beautiful.

Hello married life.

You are beautiful, too.

Hello wedding ring #5.

The rental car lady said he probably shouldn't be performing weddings without one.

Good point, rental car lady.


Goodbye book I finished in 2 days because it was real good.

Lord of the Flies meets a SUPER twisted and dark Survivor.

Hello, Laura.

I'm coming to pick up the second one today.


Hello rooting for the Giants because they have a better chance of beating the Packers.

And if the Packers lose to the Giants and the Niners beat the Saints, the Niners have home field advantage.

Welcome to my world in January.


Goodbye CityTeam.

Dave resigned last week.

Hello awesome new adventure that I can't fully disclose yet.

Come to church on Sunday to hear all about it.

Plus, I'm bringing cupcakes.


Hello Monday.

Linking up with Lisa Leonard.


  1. hello, totally named and claimed that butterscotch urination event. #fortherecord

    i think somebody felt threatened in his old age. "dont replace me" he peed.

  2. I loved this post.
    And that you are reading the Hunger Games.
    We will talk soon!!!!!

  3. What a fun weekend you had! I have all 3 Hunger Games on my Kindle....can't wait to start them!
    And, can't wait to hear about Dave's new adventure! EEK!

  4. Hunger Games - SOOOOO good! Just wait for the second one. You will love it! I am starting the third one today!!

  5. hello awesome post! :) love it. i am scared to attempt hunger games in the fear that i will become consumed with reading them!

  6. hello jessica!

    tell your girl to look at the exit signs while giving her speech. it was suggested to me when i was young, because they were located just above my peers heads. worked. she'll do great.

  7. hello friend!

    hello jealous of your san diego weekend.
    hello excited to hear about dave's new adventure!
    hello new wedding ring. gary's on #2.
    his first one is at the bottom of the pacific off of kaui.
    i guess if it HAS to be somewhere other than his finger,
    that's a good place to be.

    hellooooo monday - have a good one!

  8. hello i want to come on sunday but i can't. :( hello i really want to know. seriously. i love surprises. lie. i don't. but i still really want to know. :)

  9. happy post :)

    boo to the hunger games... traitor... jk lol

  10. Loved loved the style of this post! I can't wait to try it sometime. I so need to read that book, and I want to before the movie comes out! Because we all know, lazy people just see the movie and don't pick up the book...and that's probably gonna be me, ha! I'm sure I'll miss out on a lot if that's the case...I never fully knew what was going on in the Harry Potter movies either.

  11. i love lord of the flies. maybe i will like those books.
    listen, i can hardly ever comment here. i read and love, ok? also, hope i can make it to church on sunday:) #dreaming

  12. all this talk of how best to beat the packers! come on, now ;) lol. can't wait to read of the exciting new adventure, wish the cupcakes were a part of the blogland experience!