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Thursday, June 23, 2011

InstaFriday: 98 Degrees Edition

I'm not referring to the band.

I'm talking about the weather.

I never was a fan of Justin, Drew, Nick or Jeff.

I actually just had to Google their names.

A little after my time.


Jordan.  Jon.  Donny.  Danny.  Joey.

In my heart always.  No Googling required.

I still have the pillowcase.

Just Kidding.  Maybe.

I'm seeing them in concert next month. With high school friends.

Just Kidding.  Maybe.


We had dinner with pastor friends on Saturday night.

At a bar.

It was their idea.

They're nice people.  Really.


Ellen had the little ones make Father's Day gifts during Sunday School.

"You're the Best Pop!"

Isn't that the cutest?


Sidewalk chalk.

Key to summertime life.


Mrs. Johnson is tough.

No being rude.

No going in class unless she says so.

No pushing.  No hitting.

And no rude noises.

Got that?


It was 98 degrees on Monday.

Front yard sprinkler time was necessary for survival.


Ashlyn did not like front yard sprinkler time so much.

Watching Kayla was sufficient.


That same night.  It was still 98 degrees.

At 8:00 pm.

Frozen watermelon and doodling.

Have you ever tried frozen watermelon?

I suggest you do.

But don't freeze pineapple.

That doesn't work out so well.


98 degrees is rough on akitas.

So he gets ice.

It doesn't really make a difference.

So I don't know why I do it.

But I do.


This song is really fabulous.

It's about when he met his wife.




Bugs on your windshield look like stars if you play your cards right.


Ashlyn had an MRI up at UCSF this morning.

Standard pre-op for her cochlear implant surgery.

It went well.

She woke up and ate crackers and asked for ice cream.

So we went to BJ's for pizookie.


Kayla bought this Trendy Bendy for Dave.

Specifically, for him to wear when he preaches.

I think it's perfect.

Don't let her down, Dave.

"Wear it.  Declare it."


This is my brother's wedding video preview.

It has nothing to do with Instagram.

But it was on a Friday.  So that counts, right?

It's done REALLY well.  I love it.

So I wanted to share it.


Also, Kayla turns 8 today!

I can't hardly believe it.

It was 98 degrees that day, too.

I was wanting to go into labor just for the air conditioned hospital room.

Well, until I went into labor.

We're having a rainbow themed sleepover tonight.

Actually, a rainbow and wolf themed sleepover.

Thanks to my father who took her to the cake shop last week and let her order any cake she wanted.

She chose a wolf.


I was thinking about adding a "wolf" board to my Pinterest.

But that would make "sweets" and "wolves" as my only 2 active boards.

It's already sad and neglected to begin with.

And that would just make it weird and sad and neglected.


Happy Friday, friends!


  1. what a great video, loved all of the music that went with it! Also, so glad Ashlyn's MRI went well!

  2. Oh, Ice! What a great idea! It has been so hot!

  3. in my sheltered childhood, i didn't get too much NKOTB exposure. Except when the Steigers came over. I think they were influenced by Shellie. Who was influenced by you. So, indirectly, I believe any knowledge I have of NKOTB is fully credited to you.

    Also, my 90's boy band of choice is FOR SURE 98 Degrees.
    I saw them once at shoreline.
    Jeff's my man.

    I double DOG dare you to create a wolf board on pinterest.

    Also, I have this on order for Kayla's birthday gift:

    Go read the reviews (i'm serious) she is going to be the happiest nerd on the block when she gets that thing!

  4. Ok. First, I am your newest follower because I loved every word you wrote in this post! From 98 degress to NKOTB! To making me cry over that wedding video! My 5 year anniversary is a week from today and my brother just recently got weddings are on the brain right now! Your brother's wedding was gorgeous & looked like a fantastic celebration!

    So glad to have found you via Life Rearranged!

  5. I totally thought of the band when I first saw the title! :) Love your phone pics.

  6. nkotb, marky mark, the bangles were some of my fave skateland tunes.
    your weather is crazy!! frozen watermelon sounds amazing-for any weather!
    praying for your sweet girl! glad all is well so far.

    love the video. what a sweet gift for that couple!!

    oh, btw, you're pretty.

  7. nkotb!?! i might be disappointed. maybe.

    i like lemon drops and mojitos and jesus.

    mri's are scary (almost as scary as nkotb).

    i do not like wolves, but rainbows are cool. "double rainbow all the way across the sky" did you see double rainbow guy video when it was a youtube phenomenon last year? he lives in my neck of the woods.

    double rainbow in my cereal is Hi.lar.i.ous

    i need to get on the pinterest bandwagon.

  8. Did you see the video was removed by "the user "? What's up with that ?